Will My Sofa Fit In The Elevator

Will My Sofa Fit In The Elevator? Honest Answer!

Not all of us here live in a literal house. We call our house home but some of us call our condo units our home. Yes! Condo units are also considered home. Even apartments. If you live in an apartment or condo unit, you know how hard it is to fit a big piece of furniture or appliance in the elevator so that you can bring it inside your unit. 

One of the pieces of furniture that people buy to make their condo units or apartments beautiful is the sofa or couch. We all know how big a sofa or couch is. They are inevitably bigger, which is why condo units or apartment owners often ask if their sofa will fit in the elevator of their building. So, will your sofa fit in the elevator? Let us find out!

Will my sofa fit in the elevator? It depends on two things: how big the elevator is and how big your sofa is. If your sofa or couch is small and the elevator is a freight elevator, then you have no problem. However, if the elevator of the building is small and your sofa is too big, it will not fit in the elevator, therefore you must take your sofa apart. 

Today, we will talk about the sofa and if it will fit in the elevator. I know it is frustrating when you buy a sofa or couch then you bring it to your place but it does not fit the elevator of the building. That is why it is essential to measure your sofa or couch first and the elevator of your building to check if it will fit. This article will teach you how to make your sofa fit in the elevator. 

Can You Fit A Sofa In An Elevator?

Like I have said above, if your elevator is big and your sofa is small, then your sofa should fit your elevator. Otherwise, you must take your sofa apart and build it up inside your condo unit or apartment. 

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Let us say your couch or sofa is horizontal. 220×130 is larger than the floor of the elevator at 87×208. So that leaves height. If you stand the couch up on the end the width becomes the height, and 220 is still too big for the elevator height of 208. Your only hope is to fit it diagonally. 

Yes, it might indeed, but you don’t include the exact design of the couch. If the arms of your sofa are low and only the back is full height, then possibly yes. Most sofas allow you to unscrew the legs/feet off, which reduces the height significantly. 

Also, you have no info about the elevator. Like how wide the door of the elevator is and whether the inside is free from obstructions or is an empty box. 

How Do You Know If A Furniture Will Fit In An Elevator?

If you will be using an elevator to transport your furniture inside your condo unit or apartment, be sure to measure the elevator and the furniture as well. Measure both the height and depth of the elevator door, as well as the interior, height, width, and depth. Measure diagonally from the bottom center of the door opening to the back ceiling. 

If the elevator of the building of your condo unit or apartment is too small, then the best way to deliver your furniture inside your apartment or condo unit is by detaching the parts of the furniture and building it up inside your condo unit or apartment. 

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What Size Sofa Fits In An Elevator?

No one can know this answer without checking and measuring the size of an elevator and the sofa. 

If you live in a condo or apartment and you are on the upper floor, you must check how big the elevator is before buying a sofa. However, even if you buy a big sofa, it is still possible for you to bring your sofa up to your unit by detaching the parts of the sofa.

Should You Bring Back Your Sofa To The Store If It Doesn’t Fit The Elevator?

No. You don’t have to bring back your sofa to the store if it does not fit the elevator of your building. Instead, you can detach the parts of your sofa and bring it back together once you have already brought it up in your apartment or condo unit. 

Can Sofas Be Taken Apart?

Yes! Sofas can be taken apart. You can take it apart yourself. 

This is what most people do that live in a condo unit or apartment. They take apart their sofas, break them down into smaller pieces, then bring them inside the elevator and build them up inside their condo unit or apartment. 

Final Words

You must measure the size of the elevator and the sofa you want to buy before bringing it to your building. If the sofa is too big for the elevator, you can detach the parts of the sofa so that you can bring your sofa up to your condo unit or apartment. Once you bring it up, you can attach the parts again.