Will My Radiator Burn My Curtains

Will My Radiator Burn My Curtains? Yes Or No?

Modern radiators undergo a series of tests and safety checks before being made available to the public. With that being said, do you know that heating equipment is a leading cause of fire in US homes?

Though radiators are considered one of the safest methods of heating houses, there are risks associated with them. The problem is exacerbated if it is an old radiator or of low quality with a faulty mechanism.

Will my radiator burn my curtains? Yes, your radiator will burn your curtains if it is an electric radiator, an old radiator, or a low-quality radiator. Electric radiators are more prone to causing fires than water or steam radiators since electrical wiring may short out or small sparks from damaged electrical can burn curtains. 

Prolonged exposure to the high heat from a radiator is not a good idea if you have flammable materials close to it.

Can You Hang Curtains Over A Radiator?

Are your curtains made of flame-retardant fabrics? If yes, then you probably can, but it is not at all advisable. But if your curtains are the normal kind, then no! You can’t hang curtains over a radiator!

Curtains hanging over a radiator is a dangerous thing because you never know when the radiator may go kaput. And a radiator that’s not working may cause the wirings to heat up, or the motor may get heated up and cause sparks.

Now imagine the sparks falling on the curtains? Fire! Hence, never make the mistake of hanging curtains over a radiator. Another reason why is because curtains will block the hot airflow into the room. Instead of the warm air circulating the room, it will be directed upwards, which isn’t what you want.

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If you have a radiator below the windows, then make sure the curtains fall just above the radiator or stop below the window ledge. A good measurement is to leave a maximum 2-4 cm distance between the curtains and the radiator.

What Are The Other Things You Should Never Put Near A Radiator?

Here is a list of the things you should never put near a radiator:

  • Furniture

There is a fire hazard if you keep your furniture too close to the radiator. Furniture like sofas, bookshelves, or chests of drawers must be kept at least 1 foot away from the radiator. Keeping furniture close to a radiator will block warm air from circulating in the room.

  • Lamps

Lamps must be placed as far as possible from the radiator. One reason is that they have electrical wiring, which may melt when exposed to the radiator’s heat for a long. Another reason is that some lampshades are made if recycled paper which may catch fire quickly.

  • Electrical Wirings

Keep all cables at home away from the radiator. When cables or other electrical wires are close to a radiator, the heat from the radiator may cause the melting of the rubber cables.

  • Clothes

Thin and flimsy clothing made of silk, satin, or chiffon is inflammable and should be kept far away from radiators. A small spark in the radiator will cause these clothes to burn.

Can A Radiator Burn A Fabric?

Yes, a radiator can burn a fabric if it is made of untreated natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and linen. However, the main question here is what type of radiator do you have? If you have an old radiator, then it may probably be the steam or water radiator.

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Steam or water radiators have water circulating inside whose temperature is approximately 70 degrees Celsius which is low to cause any kind of fire. However, electrical radiators are the modern ones, and they are prone to overheating if the electric thermostat stops working.

Though modern radiators undergo a great deal of testing and certification before being sold to the public, it can still be risky. This is especially the case in cheaper radiators that are of low quality since they are prone to overheating.

How To Hang Curtains With Radiator Under Window?

Do you have a radiator placed under the window and don’t know how to hang the curtains? Don’t worry because there are many ways you can do so.

  • Short curtains

Hanging curtains that stop right above the radiator is a good way if you want your curtains to close the windows. The right distance between the curtains and the radiator should be a maximum of 2-4 cm.

  • Stationery curtain panels

You can use floor-length curtains falling on both sides of the radiator and have wooden blinds right above the radiator. Such a setup adds beauty to your room as you can place decorative pieces above the radiator too.

If you want to adjust light levels in your room, then fitting cellular shades are a good option too. Also, a clever way to close curtains that closes the radiator is through ceiling mounted track system.

With ceiling track curtains, you can fully close the radiator if there is enough space between them.

If at all you wish floor-length curtains for your radiator, then try to use flame-retardant or fire-resistant curtains. Yes, there are such curtains available that are mostly used in industrial units.

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These curtains are usually made of synthetic polyester and have to meet a certain standard to be branded as flame-retardant. They are thicker than most curtains and come in different colors and designs.  

Final Words

Radiators are an essential heating appliance at home, without which life may not be the same. However, with such comforts come risks, and a radiator without proper care can become a fire hazard.

Electrical equipment like a radiator needs forewent cleaning or servicing to keep them in top condition. In fact, dust and debris which gets settled between panels of a radiator may also catch fire if the radiator malfunctions.

If you have a curtain closing the radiator, then change the setup immediately. There may be instances when you may leave the radiator on for long or forget about it. When that happens, curtains closing the radiator may burn up due to prolonged exposure to heat.

Thus, hanging curtains over a radiator is never a good idea.