Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Like Chemicals

Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Like Chemicals? The Truth!

Toilet paper is essential. You must have one inside your bathroom because if you have no water, what will you use to wipe your ass when you poop? Also, toilet papers are the ones that are used to wipe your hands after washing, wipe the seat of the toilet bowl after peeing, or wipe your face after washing your face. 

However, even though toilet paper is undoubtedly useful, there is one problem we have encountered with toilet paper. It is not a big problem. The problem is that toilet papers smell like chemicals. I also wondered this before when I was still naive. Whenever my mom buys toilet paper, it smells like chemicals. So, why does toilet paper smell like chemicals? Let us find out!

Why does my toilet paper smell like chemicals? Toilet paper smells like chemicals because it is highly absorbent. Toilet papers are placed in the section of chemicals in the grocery. The chemicals around the toilet paper, like perfume, etc., are the reason why toilet paper smells like chemicals. The toilet paper may have absorbed the scent of these chemicals. 

Today, we will talk about toilet paper and why they smell like chemicals or worse. There are lots of smells that you can smell on your toilet paper, and I will tell you the reason why it smells like that. Your toilet paper can smell bad or like mildew. Also, I will be answering related questions. Now, if you are ready to learn more about toilet paper, let us move on!

Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Bad?

Toilet paper smells bad when the toilet paper has been stored in a damp environment, where mold and bacteria grow. Your old toilet paper is the one that is prone to that. That is why it is better to throw away your old toilet paper that has been stored for so long. 

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If your bathroom itself smells bad, then your toilet paper will smell bad as well. Toilet paper is absorbent. They can absorb anything including the smell. 

You should clean your bathroom properly and use the right products to make your bathroom smell good. If your bathroom smells good, then your toilet paper will smell good too.

Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell Like Mildew?

Your toilet paper can smell like mildew as well. If your toilet paper starts to smell like mildew, you should immediately check for signs of mold. Mold spores fly around our homes and are relatively harmless until they land on a damp surface. 

You should never use your toilet paper if it starts to smell like mildew or if it has any molds. It could irritate your skin or cause an allergy. 

Can Toilet Paper Have Mold?

Toilet paper is made of wood pulp. It means that toilet paper can have mold. Molds like to grow on almost any damp surface, especially wood. I recommend keeping your toilet paper dry to prevent mold from growing on it. 

You should always be checking your bathroom if there is any mold. Mold spores can spread around your house, posing a health risk to you and your family. 

Is Moldy Toilet Paper Safe?

Using moldy toilet paper is a big no. The reason why is because moldy toilet paper can cause several health problems, whether inhaled or if it comes in contact with your skin. That is why it is not safe to use and you may get an allergic reaction from it. 

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These responses can be sneezing, fever, runny nose, etc. Another reaction to mold is an asthma attack, which is very dangerous. 

Does Toilet Paper Rot?

Toilet paper can rot. It will rot if it is exposed to damp conditions and mold starts to grow. It is recommended to dispose of your toilet paper when you see or smell the rot. Toilet paper is biodegradable, which means you don’t need to worry about sustainability. 

If you put your toilet paper in a dry environment, it can stay mold-free for years after. That is why you need to store your toilet paper properly. 

What Type Of Mold Grows On Toilet Paper?

Black mold or Stachybotrys is the type of fungus that causes mold to grow on toilet paper and other paper products. It is seen as a dark or black color with a slimy texture. 

This type of mold grows on surfaces with high moisture. If you see black mold growing on usual drywall, it means that you have a pipe burst or leak. 

You should treat black mold immediately when you see it with a vinegar and water solution.

Why Does Mold Grow On Toilet Paper?

The reason why mold grows on toilet paper is that the structural components of toilet paper feed certain types of mold. If your toilet paper becomes damp, the mold spores are strongly attracted to the toilet paper and begin to breed. 

Mold likes to grow in areas with warm temperatures and 50% humidity or higher. The favorite temperature of molds to grow is between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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How To Make Your Toilet Paper Smell Better?

To make your toilet paper smell better, you should try essential oils. You can put a few drops of essential oil inside the cardboard roll of your toilet paper. This can make your toilet paper smell nice, including in your bathroom. 

The smell of the oil will last until you use the whole toilet roll and it can hide most strange smells that arise from your bathroom. 

Final Words

Your toilet paper smells like chemicals because it was stored with chemicals. Toilet paper is absorbent, which means it can absorb easily. Toilet paper can absorb the smell of its surroundings too. So, if your toilet paper is stored in chemicals, it will smell like chemicals or if it is stored in a bad smell, it will smell bad.