Why Does My Shower Curtain Smell Like Pee

Why Does My Shower Curtain Smell Like Pee? This Is Why!

It is necessary to wash your shower curtain regularly. Otherwise, you’ll see building up mold and get funky smells. Mildew, grime, and mold live in damp and wet areas. So without a proper scrub and cleaning, the shower curtain will become a hub to fungi that are not good /healthy for you to live with.

Why does my shower curtain smell like pee? Your shower curtain smell like pee because of the presence of some type of mold present in the showerhead. Black mold smells like urine. There can also be a possibility of some dead insect/animal in the pipe or head.

Different Reasons Why Your Shower Curtain Smells Like Pee 

You may get a urine smell from your bathroom because of your shower curtain. Have you ever wondered why you get this smell even though you don’t urinate in your shower? You would notice that on replacing your curtain, the smell goes away for some time. Some of the reasons why this smell comes from the curtain are:

Mold And Mildew 

The main reason you get the smell of pee from your shower curtain is the presence of mold and mildew. When moisture content accumulates, you get a dirty and musty odor from the shower curtain. So washing the shower curtain is an important part of your regular cleaning routine. Although you may find cleaning them a difficult task, it is a simple way to do it.

Poor Bathroom Ventilation

If your bathroom doesn’t have a good ventilation system or if you keep the windows and door open, then there’ll be no ways to oxygenate the atmosphere around the bathroom, and the odor, as well as bacteria resulting from urine, will continue to linger. If you don’t intensify the flow of air circulation, there’ll be no fresh air to overcome the lingering smell of urine.

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Not Cleaning The Shower Curtain And Toilet Frequently

Toilets constitute to be the main source of unpleasant odor and urine smell. This is because the toilet is the source where urine from the toilet bowl passes to the septic tank. If you don’t keep your toilet clean and hygienic, your bathroom won’t be free of bad urine odor. Overlooking the cleaning process of the liner and shower curtain will cause buildup, mold, and a bad urine smell.

Shower Curtains Are Near The Bathroom Floor

When the pee doesn’t make it to your toilet, it tends to pool on the floor, and if it’s not cleaned, it will give rise to a foul odor. Often people having medical issues urinate on the floor, and if shower curtains are placed nearby the area, then it will also start smelling bad

Not Drying The Shower Curtain And Liner

After washing your liner and curtain, if you don’t allow it to dry properly, your curtain will remain damp and will cause mold buildup and an unpleasant smell similar to urine. Also, spread your liner and shower curtain as bunching them up will cause moisture to accumulate and will become a home for mildew and mold soon.

How To Get Rid Of This Smell Like Pee On Your Shower Curtain?

Good Ventilation

You must try to clean the showerhead and improve airflow into the bathroom by keeping the window/door open and your curtain slightly pushed back so that the air isn’t obstructed.

Use A Shower Curtain Made Of Nylon

Don’t use vinyl as it has more chance of getting weird smells. Instead, use nylon shower curtains that can be easily laundered.

Regular Washing

Homeowners take special care to scrub their toilet, shower and sink every week. However, they tend to overlook the most important area when cleaning and scrubbing their bathroom- the liner and shower curtain. It is important to clean the liner and the shower curtain every 1-3 months. If you don’t give a proper wash to your curtains, they will soon become the hotspot for mildew, mold, and unidentified /unknown slime.

Spraying Essentials Oil

You can get rid of the urine smell from your shower curtains by using essential oils. Such oils work to help overcome bad odors and get a fresh smell. Add a few drops of oil blend into your toilet tank or pour a few drops on a bowl and allow the smell to get mixed in the bathroom. This gives you a fragrant and fresh smell. Oil blend is a good way to get rid of urine smells.

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What Products Do You Need To Remove This Smell Like Pee On Your Shower Curtains?

1) Essential Oils Diffusers

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

It is an essential and high-quality oil diffuser available on Amazon made with eco-friendly materials and fills up for ten hours of spray at a given time. It helps to add a clean toiler and smell better.

32An Air and Linen Freshener 

It is chamomile and calming lavender essential oil that can be sprayed on linen or air to give a fresh scent. The best thing is that it comes with natural ingredients only.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, Lavender Vanilla

This toilet spray is very easy to use and is also handy. It comes with an essential oil scent and removes all sorts of odors. It doesn’t have any harmful parabens or ingredients.

2) Air Purifying Bags

NIYIKOW Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

These are air purifying charcoal bags that helps in eliminating odors like urine smell. It comes with a four-pack that offers clean, fresh air and neutralizes the unpleasant smell.

3) Clorox Urine and Wipes

Clorox Wipes

You can use these disinfecting wipes to clean the shower curtains and toilet base seat in your bathroom so that will not give rise to mildew and mold.

Clorox Urine Smell Remover

It is another odor remover and is not a disinfectant or bleach Clorox. It helps clean the tiles, grout, and shower curtains in your bathroom which will help you get rid of urine soaks and urine smell easily.

How To Avoid Making Your Shower Curtain Smell Like Pee?

You can avoid your shower curtain from smelling like pee by following the below measures:

Give A Bath To Your Liner 

Regularly cleaning our shower curtain can also mean cleaning the curtain without actually removing the curtain from the bathroom. Wash the shower liner, which is more delicate than the shower curtain. Place the liner in the machine, add detergent and run the washer on a gentle setting to prevent it from getting damaged.

Use Baking Soda And Warm Water

If you want to go for intense scrubbing to clean the liner and shower curtain:

  1. Use warm water, baking soda, and three damp clothes.
  2. Sprinkle some baking powder in one damp cloth and scrub it lightly over the shower curtain to remove the topmost layer of buildup, dirt, and grime.
  3. Get the second cloth, rinse with warm water, and scrub the shower curtain to clean the extra build-up, grime, and baking soda.
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 As the top layers of grime are removed, pay attention to the mold, tough stains, and mildew. Rinse your washcloth in warm water, and add more baking soda to scrub on the lingering areas of the shower curtain. Take the third cloth, rinse in warm water to wash the shower curtain, and remove the leftover residue or baking soda. You get a crystal clear and clean shower curtain when you repeat the step. This method is natural and environmentally friendly as well

Let Your Washing Machine Do The Job

If you have delayed cleaning the shower liners and curtains, let your washer do the job. Your washing machine can help you get a clean and brighter liner and shower curtain. Firstly remove the shower rings and put the shower curtain in the washer. You can also add more white towels to get better results. Add the required amount of detergent and ½ cup of baking soda to the washer.

Use Vinegar

Wash the shower curtain in hot or warm water at the maximum level your machine can tolerate. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle. Vinegar adds extra acidity that removes lingering buildup and stubborn stains on the shower curtain. After washing, hang the shower curtain and let it dry.

Air Freshener

One of the easiest solutions to get rid of the unpleasant urine smell is using an air freshener to combat this foul smell. It is important to use soft fragrance as a strong smell can make people think you are covering up a worse smell that can be off-putting even more. Choose natural smells like flowers, lemon, pine trees, and eucalyptus.

Pot Plant

You can place a pot plant in your bathroom, which helps to purify the air and also gets rid of the foul urine smell. It helps in improving the circulation of air and offers more fresh air.


Mold creates dirt and a musty smell like urine when moisture accumulates within the shower curtain. Unpleasant and smelly mold, fungi, and mildew is also not healthy for you and your bathroom. So keep them away by scrubbing them down regularly from your shower curtain.