Why Does My Rice Cooker Keep Breaking

Why Does My Rice Cooker Keep Breaking? The Truth!

Rice cookers are a valuable item that has been in use for long time and has also undergone several iterations to keep pace with changing trends and technology. A Rice cooker is an incredible invention that allows you to cook rice quickly at your house. The device of the rice cooker is a closed one where you’ve to place the cooked rice on top.

Many small woks allow heat to circulate evenly. The woks help distribute the heat around the utensil and cook the rice. You start by taking brown or white rice and then turn it into something fluffy, delicious, and aromatic. There are various sizes of rice cookers that are available at different prices. There are small rice cookers for small families and large ones for large families. However, rice cookers can also break, so you need to be careful while cooking. 

Why does my rice cooker keep breaking every time? Your rice cooker keeps breaking because you are not following the recommended rice to water ratio. It can break when you don’t put adequate water into the cooker. If the electric components of the rice cooker touch water a short circuit may break your rice cooker.

Different Reasons Why My Rice Cooker Is Breaking Every Time

There can be different reasons why your rice cooker breaks every time. They are as follows:

  • Using incorrect type of rice in the cooker 
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Your rice cooker keeps breaking because of the poor quality and type of rice in the cooker. 

  • Using incorrect proportion of water

One common reason the rice cooker break is that you are not using adequate amount of water in the device. It is important to add the right amount of water to cook the rice adequately. If you add small amounts of water, rice won’t be cooked properly, and the device, along with the rice inside, can burn. 

If your rice cooker has been damaged continuously, you should buy a new product. However, if it’s in good condition, you can simply repair it. 

  • Continuous use

Some rice cookers are not designed for continuous use. So it will break if you overuse it or use it continuously. You must use them once a day for such types of rice cookers.

  • Over-Cooking the rice

Overcooking the rice can ultimately break your rice cooker effortlessly since the heat gets quite high, and due to overcooking, the machine gets overheated and ultimately breaks down. On the other hand, if you don’t cook the rice enough, there’ll be a high risk of your rice getting too dry or remaining undercooked. 

  • Using too hold or cold water 

If you add too much hot water while cooking, it will affect your rice cooker and make it break again and again. On the contrary, if you add too cold water, your rice doesn’t get heated up.

  • Not using the rice cooker properly

There is a right way of using rice cookers. For instance, the right way of cooking rice in a rice cooker is to add the right amounts of water and then add rice. When you don’t follow the proper instruction for using rice cookers, you could get a damaged rice cooker. 

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How To Prevent Your Rice Cooker From Breaking? 

The tips to prevent your rice cooker from getting damaged again and again are as follows-

  • Don’t use a surge protector
  • It is advised not to use surge protectors since they’ll block the electricity and will prevent your rice cooker from working as you expect
  • Know how to use the rice cooker
  • Before using the device, you must check whether the switch is in the off position. It is advised to use the rice cooker only when plugged properly. If it’s not plugged in rightly, the fuse can blow, and you have to replace your rice cooker. 
  • Be careful with electrical specifications 
  • It is important to read the instructions properly before connecting /installing, or using your rice cooker. Ensure to read the electrical specifications correctly and even follow them without fail. Also, make sure that the device plug is fully compatible with the power socket and the right supply voltage. 

How can I safely use a rice cooker? 

There is no 100% risk-free guarantee on any electrical gadget found in the kitchen. However, people continue to use them since the advantages obtained from the gadgets outweigh the possible risks. There is no exception for the rice cooker as well.

You need to pay attention to important factors to use them. You need to read carefully everything contained in the safety manual. Always buy the device from reputable and reliable rice cooker brands. Read the instruction manual, installation guidelines, and safety instructions before using them.

How Can I Ensure That My Rice Cooker Rums For A Long Time And Don’t Break Easily? 

If you want to use your rice cooker for a long time, then pay attention to the instruction for dismantling and cleaning tasks of your rice cooker. It is always recommended to unplug your rice cooker if you are not using it.

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Always keep the socket and power cord of your rice cooker dry. Ensure to wipe the rice cooker’s metal pot to avoid the risk of repetitive device breakdown. You can wash the rice cooker and its parts, such as the metal bowl but keep the electric components away from water reach. 

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To Ingredients And Measurements In The Rice Cooker? 

It is important to measure the correct amount of water and rice. It is important to add the ingredients as per the device’s capacity. Also, use indicator levels to limit water quantity. If you add too much water, it can spill out and make your rice cooker break down. When you fill the appliance beyond the maximum capacity, your rice cooker will be damaged and break down in the long run.


Rice cookers can keep breaking and even catch fire. Even though the appliance use pressure in the cooking process, it still includes mechanics that make it a safe device. But the pressure release of the mechanism is known to be faulty, and the cooker can overheat, catch fire, break down or even explode if you don’t pay careful attention. Be careful with voltage fluctuations which can cause kitchen fire and even sparks.