Why Does My Pillow Feels Like A Rock

Why Does My Pillow Feels Like A Rock? The Truth!

When you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll only worry about how comfortable you feel in your bed. However, this experience could be affected when you feel that your pillow is hard as a rock. You might question the hardness of the pillow, concluding that it is the material and even the position it is in.

The reasons why your pillow will feel like a rock usually varies due to the following:

• The material used in the product may be of poor quality or may not withstand cold temperatures. In general, the foam tends to harden with the cold, but it softens when it comes into contact with body heat. However, this technology does not usually work all the time so you will find your pillow like a rock.

• The pillow could be past its usefulness so that you will feel it very hard. An average pillow uses 2 to 3 years, so you should constantly replace them.

Will The Hard Pillow Give You A Headache?

A hard pillow will cause you discomfort and a slight headache that could affect your sleep. When you can’t get to sleep, and you are tossing and turning all over the bed because of the pillow, this will cause stress to you. When you get stressed, this may cause a headache that will worsen over time.

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Why Does Your Pillow Suddenly Feel Hard?

The pillow can feel hard due to the material with which it is built, such as foam. If you have a pillow made of this material, you should know that when the foam cools, it will stiffen in the area. You may have the air conditioner at such a high temperature that it affects your pillow.

Why Does Your Pillow Feel Uncomfortable?

You may find the pillow uncomfortable because the material it is made of is stiff and very cold. On the other hand, the pillow’s material may have passed its useful life, which causes discomfort when using it.

Is It Bad If Your Pillow Is Hard?

If you want to conceive a good sleep, the ideal is to have a comfortable pillow that will accompany you throughout the night. You are unlikely to achieve absolute comfort with a hard pillow, so it isn’t good. Even you will feel that the pillow is why you do not sleep, which will motivate you to rest without it.

Five Best Soft Pillows That You Should Buy!

Now that you have recognized why your pillow is hard, you should try to replace it. To have a good experience using a new pillow, you will have to guide yourself through the five favorites. Each of these pillows was selected for its material, price, and reputation:

1. Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillows

To have a warm night, you will have to invest your money in a pillow that is worthy of royalty. The AmazonBasics is a completely ergonomic pillow that promises to give you a different experience when trying to conceive of sleep.


• They are King and Standard type pillows.

• Polyester material with microfibers.

• Exclusive down filling

• Hypoallergenic pillow.

• Easy to clean and very long life.

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• It has ribbed edges.

You will have the possibility to buy a white pillow, very soft or with a slightly hard composition according to your preferences.

2. White Down Pillows (Soft)

If you feel that your last days have been depressing because you have not managed to conceive of sleep, it is because you lack a down pillow. These pillows are a safe bet to get a refreshing night’s sleep. The peculiarity of the pillows is that they promise a long duration and a very low cost.


• Constructed of the finest down, long-staple cotton, and woven satin.

• The weight of the pillow does not exceed 39 grams.

• The pillows come in three presentations King, standard, and queen.

• Each pillow is 20 inches wide.

• Easy to clean.

You will feel comfortable using the down pillow, knowing that you will place your lap on a sweet cloud.

3. Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow

If you want to bring the ultimate technology to your lap, consider the Sleepgram pillow. This product contains everything you need to recover your sleep hours by placing your head on it.


• It is an adjustable pillow due to the material with which it is made.

• It has microfibers.

• It is a hypoallergenic pillow.

• The pillow comes in two presentations: Standard and King.

• It has ventilation to prevent the foam from hardening.

• It is a pillow with softened corners.

4. Downluxe

If you want to replace your pillow with a quality one, you should include DownLuxe. The pillow stands out for having the best support material to help you sleep wonderfully at home.


• It is an ecological pillow.

• It has the down, polyester, bamboo fibers, and cotton on its cover as material.

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• It is a pillow with good support that adapts to any posture.

• Very easy to clean.

• Comes in King and Standard sizes.

5. Continental Bedding P550.2-K

To consolidate big dreams, you will have to use huge pillows in your room. The continental bedding pillow complies with giving you the best support to sleep comfortably for long hours.


• Measures over 30 inches wide.

• Constructed of 100% Egyptian cotton with a 400 thread count and goose feathers.

• They contain 25 ounces of padding, so they are very cushiony.

• Comes in three standard sizes, King and queen.

Final Words

Sleep is something sacred that you should respect, and avoid any object or thing that prevents you from having it. When you feel your pillow getting stiff, the idea is to replace it with one that gives you good support.

While choosing a new pillow, you may come across several unique prospects, such as the Sleepgram. These pillows could be distinguished by their size, material used, and even the support they provide you.

To have a pleasant experience when buying new pillows, you will have to focus on your comfort. Cotton and feather pillows are the most relevant on the list due to the support they will provide you.

The size of the pillow is also of importance, assuming you love big pillows for your room. All the money you spend on pillows could be rewarded for long hours of sleep.