Why Does My Mug Get Hot In The Microwave

Why Does My Mug Get Hot In The Microwave? You’re Doing Something Wrong!

Have you ever warmed some delicious hot chocolate on your supposedly “microwave-safe mug” and found it quite hot? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Today’s article will discuss various factors regarding hot mugs in a microwave. Although this may not be that big of an issue, it’s still worth knowing the reason behind it. Is it due to cheap mugs, or is there a more significant issue? Let’s find out. 

Why Does My Mug Get Hot In The Microwave? There are several factors that contribute to mugs getting hot once put in the microwave. One common explanation for this is due to the mug containing either small or large metal components, which causes the mug to heat quickly. 

How To Tell If Your Mug Is Microwave Safe?

It’s essential to keep in mind that even mugs with 100% microwave-safe labels won’t always be accurate. However, it’s still better to purchase a mug with such a label to avoid the hassle of using something that’s clearly not safe. 

So, if you’ve bought one but you’re unsure whether it’s completely microwave-safe or not, here are some steps to figure it out: 

Step 1: Full up a Glass with Water 

You can test out your mug by filling up a glass cup with water (about 3-quarters full) and then placing it beside your mug. Remember to use a glass that’s also microwave safe to test this out. 

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Step 2: Set the Microwave at Its Highest 

After filling the water, you’ll have to set the microwave to the highest power setting. As the power level may vary according to different microwaves, check your owner’s manual to figure out the highest setting. 

Step 3: Heat the Mug & Glass Cup Together 

With everything set in place, you can now place both the mug and the glass cup inside the microwave for about a minute. After a minute, use oven mitts to transport both items onto a surface. 

Once placed, check whether the mug is warm or not. If found to be warm, it means the mug is not microwave safe as it indicates heat absorption. 

What Happens If You Microwave A Non-Microwavable Mug?

One main reason for the labeling of non-microwaveable items is due to their heat absorption. This causes the mug (or other dishes) to emit warmth, which can sometimes cause the mug to shatter (depending on the materials used). 

Non-microwaveable mugs made from foam or plastic are likely to melt due to thermal stress. Even mugs that contain a certain amount of metal can create electric arcs when it falls in contact with the high electromagnetic field within the oven. 

5 Best Mugs That Can Be Put In The Microwave 

The best and most genuine microwaveable mugs are often composed of materials such as ceramic, glass, or even BPA-free plastic. But, no matter the material, it’s important to double-check that the item is 100% microwave safe. 

While ceramic or borosilicate glass is generally heat resistant, it’s still better and safer to choose a mug that is completely labeled safe for microwave use. 

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So, to help select the best microwave-safe mugs, here are some of the best options currently available: 

1. JOCO Glass To-Go Mug

The JOCO travel mug is composed of borosilicate glass, a material known for its heat resistance. Meanwhile, a soft silicone material serves as the lid and sleeve to help prevent hand burns. 

The mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe and can be purchased in various standard barista sizes. Plus, you also get the benefit of choosing from a set of different exciting colors. 

And it fits perfectly inside the car cup holder, making it a great companion for any outdoor use. 

2. Bosmarlin Ceramic Mug

This ceramic mug from Bosmarlin is a definite winner for any minimalist enthusiast. But, the real winning factor for the mug is its dishwasher safe and completely microwaveable feature, along with a great ergonomic handle. 

Furthermore, it’s exciting to know that the stylish mug is also available in a variety of colors to match different decors. It can practically work in any setting -be it your home or the office. 

Additionally, its 18-ounce capacity is sufficient enough to hold that perfect mug of coffee without, of course, burning your hands. 

3. Tervis Insulated Tumbler

The Tervis insulated mug is a Tumbler mug that’s completely microwave & dishwasher safe. The material composition of the mug is Tritan plastic, which is a durable, lightweight, and BPA-free plastic. 

This tumbler mug features an insulated, double-walled design that helps keep any beverage either cold or hot for an extended period. And it also comes in a practical lid with a sliding closure and contoured lip. 

The lidded mug design is available in 16-ounce. However, other sizing options are also available. 

4. W&P Porter Minimalist Travel Mug

This is a ceramic-based minimalist mug paired with a silicone sleeve to prevent the hands from getting burnt. A BPA-free silicone lid also supports the mug along with a slide opening. 

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Additionally, it also features an ergonomic design that fits perfectly into any car cup holder. And to make things better, the mug is available in seven different colors & patterns. 

Let’s not forget that the mug is also entirely safe for microwave and dishwasher use. 

5. JoyJolt Shatter-Resistant Glass Mug

This stylish shatter-resistant glass mug from JoyJolt comes in a set of six microwave & dishwasher-free mugs. Made with high-quality borosilicate glass, the mug can withstand high temperatures inside the oven. 

It comes in a standard size of 16-ounce, making it perfect for almost any drink. Although this isn’t a portable mug, it makes a stylish and practical décor piece to bring out during fancy dining hours. 

Final Thoughts  

Despite its microwave-safe label, a mug can still become hot when placed in an oven. This happens for several reasons, such as small metal composition or water entering the material of the mug. 

Whatever the reason may be, this can become a concerning issue. Hence, it’s essential to always test out your mug to ensure it is completely microwave safe. 

Apart from testing out, it’s equally important to purchase high-quality mugs that remain true to their label. We hope our article has helped ensure your mug is entirely microwave-safe, and if not, we hope you get your perfect pick from our selection of microwave-safe mugs.