Why Does My Grill Keep Turning Off

Why Does My Grill Keep Turning Off? Shocking Reason!

If your grill is not an old cranky one but tends to keep turning off, there may be something wrong with it. But the good thing is, there’s still a chance to get it up and running smoothly. 

Typically a grill under proper working conditions will distribute the flame evenly through the burner with a blue flame and yellow tips. 

So, if there’s an issue where the grill is not heating up properly or constantly turning itself off, it means your grill is undergoing some problems. But, before you begin shopping for a new grill, we have some tips and tricks worth trying. 

Your burner may be staying lit only for some time, or it may keep turning off. But why? This usually happens due to several reasons, including gas problem, loose connection, burner problem, etc. 

Today’s article will cover all the aspects relating to grill issues. Let’s get started. 

Reasons Why Your Grill Keep Turning Off 

A grill that keeps turning off can be due to several reasons. The following are some of the common reasons for the issue. 

Gas Or Propane Issues

This might be an obvious reason, but yes, sometimes your grill turning off has very little to do with the grill itself. If your grill runs on a propane tank or a direct gas line, the issue may arise from either of these fuel sources.

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Clogged/Damaged Burner

Another common issue is a clogged/damaged burner. This can prevent the grill from igniting properly, meaning it can cause the grill to turn off and not ignite right from the start. 

A clogged burner results from any debris or spilled material that builds up over time. Greasy and saucy splatters are also common causes of clogging, which prevent the burner from sparking. 

Loose Connection 

Loose connection of heating system is another issue that should be looked upon. To check whether the connection is intact or not, you’ll have to first disconnect the gas supply and then locate the connected wire. 

Malfunctioning Heating Element

A recurring issue for a grill not heating up is due to the heating element malfunctioning. The heating element of your grill can malfunction when it is damaged or completely broken. In such a case, you can simply have it replaced after an inspection. 

Why Does Your Grill Do Not Stay Lit On Your Cooker?

If your grill is not staying, it may be due to several underlying issues that may prevent your burner from lighting up. It may also happen if your grill happens to be an old one. 

However, if it is relatively new, it can be for various reasons such as ignition system problem, clogged burner, gas-related issues, and more. These are all possible issues that can prevent your grill from staying lit on the cooker. 

What Should You Do If Your Grill Keeps Turning off?

If you’re still frustrated about your grill constantly turning off, here are a few measures you can take during such instances. 

1. Check If There’s Sufficient Gas 

This may seem like the most obvious, but sometimes the answer is as simple as refilling the gas. See that your grill has sufficient gas to avoid overlooking the obvious. You can compare your tank with a full tank to ensure there is enough gas to light up the grill. 

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2. Inspect The Gas Flow

Once the gas tank issue is resolved, it’s time to visit the good old gas flow. To oversee this, you’ll have to first ensure the tank is completely open. This can also help figure out whether the valve is in proper working condition as well. If all is well, remember to always move the valve counterclockwise and keep it fully open. 

3. Check Ignition 

If your burner is simply not lighting up, the issue is probably coming from the igniter. Generally, there are two types of igniter – a battery and a piezoelectric igniter. Make sure you’re aware of which igniter your grill carries. 

With the battery igniter, you can properly inspect and give a battery change if found at fault. With the second one, you’ll have to get the wiring or the button fixed if any issue is detected with the igniter. 

4. Remove The Bars And Grates

If you’re trying to look at your burner or igniter, you’ll have to inspect the bottom of your grill. Hence, you’ll have to remove the parts that remain on top, such as the bars and grates. 

Before removing the parts, make sure to turn the gas off entirely and detach it away from the regulator. This will help ensure both you and the grill remain safe. 

5. Test Out The Igniter System

It is highly possible that the ignition system of your grill might be an independent one. This means each burner will have an igniter placed next to it, and each of the igniters will spark individually to light up the specific burner.

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Hence, turning the ignition button to its correct setting will help light the burner instantly. If it doesn’t light up, it means the faulty element is most probably the igniter.

Can You Grill With The Oven Door Closed? 

Yes, you can grill with a closed oven door. But, that doesn’t mean anyone with a grill can do so. Since not all appliances allow users to grill with a closed door, the option is quite limited. 

Although we can now find grills that allow grilling with the oven door closed, there are certain arguments surrounding closed-door grilling that point out that instead of grilling, the food is baked from the inside. 

But this isn’t true as the food remains grilled due to the placement of the heat source directly above. So, rest assured, you can grill freely with the oven door closed. If you’re still uncertain about it, you can also give your oven manual a quick look. 

Final Words

It can be extremely frustrating to have a grill that keeps turning itself off or does not light at all. After all, grilling appliances do not come with a cheap price tag. But the good thing is that grills typically go through minor issues that can be fixed without professional help. 

However, it does depend on the severity of the situation. Hence, it is important to seek professional help if you’re unable to detect any issues on your own. 

That said, we hope the steps and tips we provided above will help figure out the reason and solution behind your grill issue.