Why Does My Fridge Keep Turning Itself Off

Why Does My Fridge Keep Turning Itself Off? The Truth! 

Have you ever thought that your fridge might be possessed because it keeps turning off itself? 

It probably isn’t, but it’s definitely not normal for it to keep doing that. Worry not. We’re here to offer some quick fixes to all your queries about “possessed” fridges. 

A fridge with a mind of its own is not only dangerous, but it’s also one quick way to spoil your food. 

Your fridge will often turn itself off for several reasons, but some of the common causes are either due to a faulty power source, circuit board, thermostat, or overheating. However, these are common issues with solutions. 

Is Your Fridge Broken If It Keeps Turning Off?

Not necessarily. Although several internal and external issues can affect the functionality of your fridge, this isn’t always the case. 

Sometimes your fridge may turn off simply because it’s not getting any or enough power supply to operate. So, before you go around looking for a new fridge, you may want to check your circuit breaker.

You can have a look at it and turn it back on (if it has shut) or replace the fuse if it has tripped. You can also check the fridge outlet or the power cord to check for any external damages.

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What Should You Do If Your Fridge Keeps Turning Itself Off?

There are several reasons behind your fridge turning itself off. So, how do you identify and fix these? 

Worry not. We’ll provide some of the useful tips you can take to handle your fridge when and if it keeps turning off. 

Tip #1: Check If It’s Plugged

This may seem a little too simple, but it’s actually quite surprising how often your fridge plug may be knocked off. 

There are many scenarios where your fridge may start shutting down if the power cord is knocked off or made loose by pets, children, or even while cleaning. Hence, checking if the cord is plugged in properly should be the first thing you do. 

While at it, you can also check whether the power cable is damaged or worn out. If the cable is broken, you can instantly call an electrician. 

Tip #2: Inspect The Fuse Box

This step has not much to do with the fridge itself but rather the fuse box. Yes, one very common cause for sudden fridge shut down is when it blows out the fuse. 

If you find your fridge acting up, make sure you make way to the fuse box since there’s a good chance that the main fuse of your kitchen is completely blown off. 

Tip #3: Check If Temp Control Is In Bad Contacts

Your fridge undoubtedly remains on the entire day. But, it only remains active while on certain cycles. So, the temp control within the fridge activates only a few times a day. 

This temperature control is what keeps your fridge & freezer all nice and cold. So, if the temp control is in bad contacts, your fridge can begin acting all by itself, such as turning on & off by itself. 

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If this is the case, you can clear out the contents of your fridge, access the temperature control, and check if it needs to be replaced. You can find the temp control contacts behind the temp control dial. 

Tip #4: Check The Defrost Timer

Defrost timer is what controls the duration of the defroster. It’s not meant to run constantly, but if you find your fridge immediately turning on & off, you may have a case of a faulty defrost timer. 

During such instances, you’ll need the assistance of a professional to have the defrost timer replaced. The replacement will often depend on the model and type of the fridge. 

You can, of course, follow a DIY procedure for fixing it. However, if your fridge has a complicated defrost system, it’s better at the hands of an expert. 

Tip #5: Defect/Broken ADC Board

Are you aware of the tiny computer inside your freezer? Yes, there is one, and it’s called the ADC board. It is the small circuit board that manages the defroster. 

If you’re having the on & off issue with your fridge, chances are, it might be a broken ADC board causing the issue. You can detect a faulty ADC board by unplugging the fridge and then plugging it back on. If your fridge starts turning on & off by itself after that, the circuit board is likely to blame. 

Is It Normal For Your Fridge To Keep Itself Off? 

Although the defroster part of your fridge does not stay on the entire time, it’s a given for a fridge to stay on at all times. So, it’s definitely not a normal feature for your fridge to keep turning off all by itself. 

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If you are facing the issue of your fridge constantly turning on & off by itself, it probably means there may be some technical problems arising from the fridge itself, and you’ll have to get it fixed. 

Why Does Your Fridge Turn Off When Door Opens? 

If your fridge is working well, but you somehow notice the air or fan stopping, there’s nothing to worry about. It simply means you’re saving energy. This is a very common trait in most fridges to prevent excessive energy use. 

If your fridge constantly runs its fan even with the door open, tons of energy will be used. Hence, such small change-ups are actually beneficial for you in the long run. 

Plus, it also saves companies from hearing constant troubleshooting or repairing issues. 


So, there you have it. We hope our article has answered some of your concerns about why your fridge turns off all by itself. 

That said, your fridge may face this issue for either minor or major reasons. Hence, it’s crucial to know what you’re doing instead of simply rummaging your fridge. 

So, if you’re feeling unsure or are unable to detect the issue on your own, make sure to get professional assistance.