Why Does My Floor Smell Bad After Mopping

Why Does My Floor Smell Bad After Mopping? The Truth!

Mopping the floor regularly will make your floor germ-free. That is why I regularly mop my floor because I believe that mopping the floor regularly will reduce viruses inside our house. I mop our sala, my room, our terrace, and our comfort room. What I believe is true. There are lots of doctors that suggest cleaning our house to reduce the virus, this includes mopping the floor. 

However, many people have problems when they mop their floor. Their floor smells bad after mopping instead of smelling good. Some people are getting a dirty floor instead of a clean floor after mopping their floor. So, why does this happen to your floor after you mop it? You exert effort but still, your floor smells bad! Why does your floor smell bad? Let us find out. 

Why does my floor smell bad after mopping? The reason why your floor smells bad after mopping is because of sulfur contaminants. Also, your floor smells bad after mopping because the water you are using is already dirty and smells bad. You need to change the water regularly so that your floor will not smell bad even after mopping. 

We need to make sure that our floor smells good after mopping so that whenever there is a visitor inside our house, the visitor will not have a bad memory inside your house because of your smelly floor. Also, making sure that your floor smells good after mopping is for your own good too. 

Today, I will share a lot of tips. I will share what you can do to your mop to make it smell good so that the next time you mop your floor, the floor will smell good. Also, I will be answering various questions related to our subject. If you are ready to make your floor smell good and clean, keep reading!

What Can You Add To Your Mop Water To Make It Smell Good?

Now that you don’t like your mop to smell bad, you are finding a way to make it smell good but you don’t know. Well, if you are a beginner, then let me give you some tips about what you can add to your mop water to make it smell good after you mop it. 

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First, make sure that you put some soap in the water of your mop. Don’t use things that do not smell good like clorox or bleach because those do not smell nice but it will make your floor clean, to be honest. However, I still don’t suggest those things because the smell of those liquids is bad for your lungs. Use something that smells nice and will remove the bacteria on your floor. 

The water of your mop water should be hot or warm. Once the water is warm, put the liquid soap that you bought. Using warm or hot water will help because usually, hot or warm water can remove bacteria. Also, using warm or hot water will remove the bad smell your mop accumulates from the floor.

Why Does Your Mop Stink?

The reason why your mop stinks is that there is lots of dirt and germs your mop has accumulated. This is normal if your floor has lots of germs and dirt. 

If you have a dog or cat inside the house, then expect that your pets will pee on the floor. You need to mop this, of course. This can make your mop stink very fast because the pee of your pets has lots of bacteria. 

Sometimes, your mop stinks even though you haven’t mopped anything yet because you pour the wrong chemicals into the water of your mop. If you pour some bleach or clorox, then your mop water will not smell nice, including your mop.

Why Is My Floor Not Clean After Mopping?

The reason why your floor is not clean after mopping is that your mop is not clean. You must not forget to rinse your mop before using it to remove the dirt and bacteria your mop has accumulated before.

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I know that this can be irritating, especially if you already mopped the whole floor of your house and you noticed lately that your floor is not getting clean after mopping for hours. That is why it is essential to check your mop first before using it, including the mop water. If it seems your floor will not be clean if you use it, then change the water and rinse your mop. 

How To Remove Bad Smell From Your Floor?

To remove the bad smell from your floor, you need to have a clean mop. You should use liquid soap that you can mix into your mop water and soak your mop into it. Make sure that the liquid soap smells not so that while it removes the dirt or bacteria on your floor, it also removes the bad smell from your floor. 

Final Words

The reason why your floor smells bad after mopping is that the mop and mop water that you are using smells bad and has lots of dirt and bacteria. You should change your mop water regularly and rinse your mop after using it. Do not let the bacteria cling to your mop for a very long time. Rinse it immediately after using it!