Why Does My Flat Screen TV Have Green Lines

Why Does My Flat Screen TV Have Green Lines? This Is Why!

One of the most realistic explanations for the green lines in your flat screen tv is major damage to the TV screen with a possibility that some interference has made improper visuals.

Why does my flat screen tv have green lines? Your flat tv screen has green lines due to the malfunctioning graphics card. Sometimes the pixels may be stuck which creates green lines. The backlight of LCD panel may be failing.

What Causes Green Lines On Your TV?

There are several reasons responsible for the appearance of the green lines in horizontal and vertical forms that generally happen because of the technical setting of the devices. Some of these are explained further: 

Signal Transmission Errors

Because the TV is an electronic device, the problem of horizontal lines is generally associated with the transmission of the signal received by it. Though all the graphics shown on the screen are in the form of still lines, when these lines appear to stand out on the tv screen itself, it causes green lines. 

Cable Or Wire Defection

Often, the wires responsible for connecting the tv and hardware system for graphical transmission get loose, thus creating those lines and diminishing the quality of the visuals. 

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Unstable Power Supply 

The most frequent cause for most TVs to have green lines is the frequency of the voltages provided to them being too high and low repeatedly. The unwanted lines are the product of having fluctuations in the power supply as it interrupts and meddles with the frequency of the transmission of the signals. 

Primitive TVs/Old Nature Of The TVs 

There is a sheer chance that your tv itself is the root cause for the line because it is primitive, and there is a constant deterioration of the inner wiring itself. The TV screen acts as the electronic mediator that receives the transmitted signals and displays them after adjusting the frequency with adjacent visuals and sound, so if it is unable to work effectively throughout the entire process and stops responding in between, it might show green lines constantly.  

Distorted Connection To The External Sources

External sources in the form of ports are connected to the TVs to transition their functioning. These ports sometimes get disconnected and create several problems. The green lines stuck on the TV screen are one of them.

What Should You Do If Your TV Has Green Lines?

You have already established a proper understanding of the possible causes of your TV screen’s green lines. Let’s see the possible techniques that will help restore the colored visuals of your TV screen.

Sharp Thumping 

If your favorite tv program is interfered with in the very climax moment due to the sudden appearance of the green lines in front of your TV screen, a quick and convenient solution would be to gently knock the side of the TV a couple of times, it may restore it right away. 

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Though this option will prove to be an instant reflex and a temporary solution that might be caused due to loosening of the wire of the tv, it might work like a charm and let you get back to your virtual world. 

Unplugging The Wire

If the above solution does not work somehow and you still have the tv screen with green lines, you can try unplugging the main cord of the tv from the mother switch and then try to connect it back after waiting for a couple of minutes. 

Updating The System

With the continuous and rapid changes in the technologies, it is always the best practice to keep the tv appliances up to date. The new system purchases are less prone to malfunctioning conditions and do not result in green lines in front of the TVs.

As the regular investment in new and fresh tv appliances can be unfeasible, resulting in a high budget, a practical deal would be to update the software when the new update is recommended. Purchasing hardware is still costlier in terms compared to the updating software. 

Technical Support Services

Suppose the lines are still present on your TV screen and you cannot find any of the above solutions useful. In that case, this is your high chance of getting support from technical service staff before you find yourself buying a new TV set. The tech staff may still be able to replace the green board in time and save all the extra money. 

Do All TV Brands Have A Chance Of Getting Green Lines?

You might ponder upon the question of whether the brand of the TV that you purchased is the root cause of the defection. Nowadays, the marketing people accentuate the value of their brand as the best and defective free, but the problem of the emergence of the green lines can still be shown on any TV regardless of the brand of the TV. Nevertheless, purchasing the tv from a reputed brand is always recommended.  

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How To Avoid Getting Green Lines On Your TV?

We already know that “Prevention is better than cure.” It is also the case of this unforeseen problem of the green lines appearing on the tv screen. There are certain measures that you take to prevent the unconventional situation. 

Firstly, Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. Just by ensuring that the connection of the electricity supplied to the TV is stable and free from interruptions, you are keeping the specific solution of never seeing these frustrating lines. 

If it is observed that there are chances of interruptions in electricity supplied to the tv, the best practice would be to turn it off immediately as a preventive measure. 

Final Words

You do not need to feel troubled next time your TV screen acts weird. Apply any of the solutions provided above to the annoying problems of green lines that may prove beneficial in dealing with the problem, and get back to enjoying your TV time free of any lines.