Why Does My Bed Feel More Comfortable In The Morning

Why Does My Bed Feel More Comfortable In The Morning? Honest Reason!

Our bed is our safe zone. Beds are our friends because they are the ones we jump into after a hard day of work in the office or school. Our beds are our friends too if we are crying or sad. When we are sad, we only need to lie down on our bed and sleep comfortably. Beds are essential to have inside our home because this is where we can sleep comfortably. 

When we wake up in the morning, it is very hard to get up and leave our bed, especially if our bed is very comfortable. But usually, our bed is indeed comfortable in the morning and this is the thing that most of us don’t understand. Why does our bed feel more comfortable in the morning when we need to get up immediately to go to work! Why not in the evening? Well, let me tell you why your bed feels more comfortable in the morning!

Why does my bed feel more comfortable in the morning? When we sleep, our body produces melatonin but once we wake up, melatonin stops being produced. Because it takes time to disappear, melatonin is still present inside our bodies when we wake up, making us more comfortable in our bed in the morning. 

Today, I will be explaining to you the main reason why your bed feels more comfortable in the morning and what melatonin is. Also, I will be telling you the reasons why you are struggling to sleep in your bed. Sleeping at the right time is essential but waking up at the right time is more important because there are things that are important that we need to do during the morning. 

What Is Melatonin?

During sleeping time, our bodies produce a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. But once we wake up, the production of melatonin stops. 

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It takes time for melatonin to vanish. That is why we have a hard time getting out of our bed in the morning and end up staying up in our bed. 

If you are a slow riser, you most likely will not get this kind of feeling, by the time you wake up, you will not have any melatonin left in your body. 

Why Am I Struggling Sleeping In My Bed?

If you are struggling to sleep in your bed, it could be because your body is not getting the necessary rest it needs. Let me list down the few reasons why you are struggling sleeping on your bed. 

Your Bed Is Not Clean

The first reason why you are struggling to sleep in your bed is that your bed is not clean or not in order. 

Having a dirty bed or not in an orderly bed will give you a hard time sleeping. If your pillows are dirty, your bed sheet smells so bad, or if your mattress is not comfortable, you will have a hard time sleeping for sure. 

You need to have a comfortable bed to sleep faster and better. You will have a high-quality sleep once you have a good and clean bed. 

You Are Getting Up In the Dark

It can be very hard to sleep in the dark. This is true. When you sleep in the dark and you wake up in the morning and open your curtains, you will fall asleep in the morning instead of at night. 

Opening the curtains first will help activate the body’s natural circadian rhythms, and in turn, help you feel that much more energized. 

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You Use Gadgets Before Sleeping

Using any gadget that has high brightness will make it hard for you to sleep on your bed during the nighttime. 

The light from your device disrupts the body’s level of melatonin that you need to sleep. Melatonin is the hormone that dictates your body’s sleep cycles and if that’s all over the shop, you will not get the necessary amount of sleep cycles in before the alarm goes off. 

You Are Addicted To Coffee

Coffee is indeed tasteful. I love to drink coffee, especially if the coffee is cold. However, whether the coffee is hot or cold, it will surely make you awake. 

If you drink coffee in the afternoon, you will struggle to sleep in the evening. That is why many call centers or people that work late at night drink coffee to stay awake and work efficiently. 

Caffeine takes a long time to leave your system. It will leave you approximately eight hours. Drinking coffee after 2 pm can have a massive adverse effect on your attempts to rest that evening. 

You Eat Before Jumping On Your Bed

Yes! Eating before jumping on your bed will make it hard for you to fall asleep. Eating your dinner 2-3 hours before bed is now impossible. 

Similar to coffee, food activates your digestive system and your body is forced to process your previous meal alongside attempting to rest. 

Having a large afternoon meal will help you feel full, and give your body plenty of time to digest it. Having lighter meals in the afternoon will make you feel not full, waking you up in the middle of the night hungry. Once you eat, you will not fall asleep soon. 

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Never skip your evening meal. You just need to eat your evening meal earlier to make sure that you will still fall asleep at the right time in the evening.

Why Is My Bed So Uncomfortable At Night?

The reason why your bed is so uncomfortable at night is that your bed is not clean or your bed is not orderly. It is essential to clean and fix your bed before jumping on it so that you can sleep comfortably. 

Another possible reason why you feel uncomfortable on your bed at night is your sleeping position. Poor sleeping positions mean that you don’t get the best from your mattress. If you suffer an uncomfortable night’s sleep after changing your mattress, consider altering the position that you sleep in. 

Final Verdict

The reason why your bed feels more comfortable in the morning is that the melatonin inside your body is still there. Melatonin is the hormone that makes you comfortable and relaxed. When you wake up in the morning, the melatonin will vanish slowly, which makes you want to sleep more.