Why Does My Bed Always Feel Sandy

Why Does My Bed Always Feel Sandy? The Truth!

A sandy bed contributes to poor sleeping habits and restless sleep. It makes your bedroom non-conductive to good sleep and staying asleep or dozing off. A sandy bed makes you uncomfortable and gives rise to skin allergies as well.

Why does my bed always feel sandy? Your bed feels sandy because of the presence of dust mites, dead skin, and bad bacteria. Your dead skill cells are fed by one million dust mites that makes your bed feel sandy.

Different Reasons Why Your Bed Always Feels Sandy

Below are the different reasons why your bed always feels sandy! Let’s check them out!

Not Cleaning Your Pillowcase

Research has proved that a dirty pillowcase consists of more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is the case if you don’t wash the bedsheets often. When you don’t wash your sheets, bacteria and fungi build upon them. Not washing your sheets for more than a month can make your bed feel sandy.

Dust Mites

When you sleep, your body tends to shed approximately 15 million dead skin cells that build up on your bed sheets if you don’t wash them often. This gives rise to plenty of dust mites. This is another reason why your bed feels sandy.

Unwanted Guests Of Your Furry Friend

If you have a pet dog or cat in your house, you should know that pets are considered common harbors when it comes to fungal organisms that cause skin problems. Some of them are scabies or aggressive infestations and ringworm caused by the mites living on your pet’s body. When your pet sleep in your bed, the mites get transferred to you and the bed.

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There can be other types of parasites that can get transferred and give a sandy feeling when you don’t wash your sheets for long. There can be different reasons for your bed to feel sandy apart from dust mites, bacteria, and bed bugs.

White Mites Or Spider Mites

If your bed feels sandy, then one reason can be white mites, which are white bugs and look like small grains of sugar or salt. These salt like small grains in your bed infest your home, bed linen, curtains, carpets, and home furnishings.

Visiting A Beach

If you don’t remember to change your bedsheets after visiting a beach side, then using the same will make your bed feel sandy.

What Should You Do If Your Bed Always Feels Sandy?

1. Clean linen

You spend the majority of your time in your bed. Laying on clean sheets feels fresh and great. To get ready for sand-like grains on your bed, try to ensure clean linens that can help in lowering facial blemishes caused mostly by build-up sweat and oil.

2. Launder Your Bedsheets

Irrespective of the year, you can go for laundering your bedsheets instead of dry cleaning them once a week. This is a good way to ensure your bedsheets don’t feel sandy.

3. Change Your Bedsheets And Pillowcase During The Summer

Changing your bed sheets and pillowcase every week is important, especially during the warm or summer months. During these months, people tend to sweat more, giving rise to sand-like grains and making your bed dirty.

4. Change Your Pillowcase During Flu Or Cold

If you have flu or cold, change the bedsheets and pillowcase after 3-4 days as bedding is known to be the breeding ground of fungi and bacteria which is caused due to drool and sweat oil from your body.

5. Use Bleach

You can use ½ cup bleach while washing your comforter since it is a good way to kill dust mites, bacteria, and bed bugs that mostly give rise to a sand-like feeling on your bed. Dust mites give rise to allergies, so regularly cleaning your bed sheets, pillowcase, and comforter will reduce their number.

Should You Throw Your Bed If It Feels Sandy?

There is a common misconception that a bed that feels sandy is infested by bed bugs and other parasites and must be thrown away. If you think this can be a good solution to get rid of bugs, mites, and sand-like grains on the bed, you are wrong. Discarding both box springs and mattresses doesn’t solve all your problems.

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As your new bed can also become infected and may feel sandy once again. You also need to determine the right reason why your bed is feeling sandy. If it’s due to warm weather or forgetting to wash the sheets after visiting a beach, you can simply clean/wash them regularly instead of throwing your bed.

People may not prefer buying expensive beds again and again. It is also not an economical solution to throw your bed if it gets sandy. Choose the following factors to deal with sandy /infested beds:

Discarding Beds

This factor is important if your bed gets sandy due to infestation from most bed bugs. You can eliminate a large portion of mites/parasites/bugs that make your sleep uncomfortable by discarding your bed. People who can’t emotionally deal with such problems replace their beds. So discarding the bed will be the only option if your bed gets severely infested.

Treatment With Pesticides

If you determine that your bed is feeling sandy due to mites and bugs, then treat your bed with pesticides specifically designed for that use. Follow every pesticide label instruction cautiously to eliminate the sand-like feeling in your box springs and mattresses. Always use EPA registered pesticide items that treat beds infested with such parasites.

Mechanical Removal 

Direct treatment methods are more useful for removing the sand-like feeling in your bed than chemical methods. Use steam and vacuum measures that solve sand-like issues related to your mattresses. This method effectively gets rid of sand-like grains on your bed instead of going for discarding beds. Such non-chemical measures also destroy bugs, parasites, and bacteria.

How Regularly Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

People usually wash their bedsheets every two weeks. But this can be uncomfortable because your bed can feel sandy and rough.

At least once a week, you should wash your sheets to make sure that no dust or dirt is left on them, which could make you uncomfortable.

Do Mattresses Have Sand?

No, there is no sand in a mattress. But when kids jump on the bed, the air inside the mattresses gets out, letting dust and dirt get in.

Also, the cotton, foam, or straw inside the mattress could come out during the process.

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Why Should You Not Make Your Bed In The Morning?

When you make your bed right after you wake up, you trap moisture in the sheets, which helps dust mites grow. Researchers found a simple solution. The bed was able to dry out, which cut down on the number of dust mites that lived there.

But making your bed when you wake up is always a good way to live a clean life. Having a clean and well-organized living space makes your life much better than usual, and it will also help you relax.

It will give you a small, simple feeling of success and encourage you to do other things. By the end of the day, that one task will have turned into many tasks.

Why Is It So Dusty Under The Bed?

Dust can get on soft things like stuffed animals, clothing, carpets, and other bedding, and then be tracked under your mattress. Try to keep the floor as clear as you can to cut down on dust and keep it clean.

As you try to keep the top of the bed clean and free of dust, you must also keep the space under the bed clean and clear.

So, when you sweep or mop the room, don’t forget to also sweep or mop under the bed.

The other important thing to know is that when it’s dark under the bed, more bugs and germs tend to grow. In this case, it’s very important to clean it often.

What Are The White Crumbs In My Bed?

There could be both food crumbs and bed bug shells on your bed. When you see these white bits, find out right away what they are.

Seeing a lot of bed bug shells is scary because it shows that there are a lot of bed bugs.

If you don’t do something right away, the problem could get worse and spread throughout your home.

Final Thoughts

Bed hygiene plays an important role in deciding sleep quality. Get rid of a sandy bed and follow the above tips to make your bedroom a comfortable place to sleep with the least distraction.