Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Vomit

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Vomit? The Truth!

Your bathroom is where you pee and take a poop. It should smell nice because there might be some visitors that will come into your house and for sure they will take a pee or something in your bathroom. If your bathroom smells like vomit or something bad, then the visitor might perceive you as a careless person. 

Since all of the dirt inside a human’s body is released inside the bathroom, it is normal for the bathroom to smell bad.  However, there is one bathroom smell sometimes that people don’t understand why it happens. Sometimes, the bathroom might smell like vomit. So, why does your bathroom smell like vomit? Let’s find out!

Why does my bathroom smell like vomit? The reason why your bathroom smells like vomit is because someone vomited. Aside from that common reason, the other reason why your bathroom smells like vomit is because of various chemicals. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the things that you can do to remove the vomit smell inside your bathroom. If you are ready to remove the vomit smell in your bathroom, just keep reading!

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Vomit?

The very first and common reason why your bathroom smells like vomit is because somebody vomits inside your bathroom. This vomit smells pretty bad and can cling to your bathroom for many hours and even days!

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The second reason why your bathroom smells like vomit is because of various chemicals that have been mixed mistakenly. There are some chemicals that when you mix them, it turns into something that smells bad. 

5 Methods To Remove Vomit Smell In Bathroom

I’ve listed a few ways below to apply to get rid of it from the start. If you don’t get the results you want, try the next form. The smell of vomit in your bathroom is awful, but hopefully you can get rid of it. Often, the smell is stronger and more powerful. So, it may take more than one way to get rid of it. Here are the steps to take in real life.

Before you clean up the vomit, you must wear gloves and a mask. Because throwing up has bacteria in it that can get into your body through your breath, it can make you very sick later.

Method 1: Use Bathroom Cleaner

You can clean the bathroom with a cleaner that has a scent. There are many good-quality bathroom cleaners on the market today that leave a fresh, pleasant scent after you use them to clean the bathroom.

This method will work well to get rid of the smell of vomit in your bathroom for a short time. If your bathroom doesn’t have good ventilation, smells could start to come out of it later. Make sure your bathroom has good airflow and ventilation.

Method 2: Sprinkle With Baking Soda

Spread baking soda all over the bathroom floor, including where people throw up, and leave it that way for a while, like 1-2 hours. This will get rid of the smell of vomit and protect the bathroom from bacteria.

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Method 3: Turn on the Extractor Fan (It’s Mandatory)

I wouldn’t call it a method. If you want to get rid of the smell of throwing up, you have to do it. Keeping the exhaust fan on is not a useful tip, but it can help your bathroom smell much less.

The extractor fan helps get the air that has been trapped in your bathroom out, which will help you finish cleaning and keep the extractor fan running.

Method 4: Use Odor Eliminators Over Air Fresheners

When using the bathroom cleaner, baking soda, or any other ingredient, you should often use an air freshener. However, nothing can get rid of the smell of vomit. The smell will go away as long as the air freshener works. This process is a quick and easy way to solve the problem for now.

Method 5: Look Into Portable Air Purifiers

You can clean the air with a portable air purifier, which will keep the air in your bathroom clean. You can even use an air cleaner inside your home for a while.

You can buy portable air purifiers for bathrooms at a store or on an online shopping site. If you have this problem often, you can buy a portable air purifier for the bathroom to solve it.

Does the Smell of Vomit Go Away on Its Own?

If the bathroom doesn’t have good ventilation, the smell of vomit stays for a long time and changes the way it smells over time. But this smell will go away one day, though it might take longer.

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Can You Get Sick From Cleaning Up Vomits?

The virus can get into your body through your lungs if you breathe in vomit that is contagious. Many people are very sensitive, and when they clean up the vomit, they also throw up. Also, when someone throws up, they become weak and can’t move without help.

Does Baking Soda Permanently Remove Vomit Odors? 

Baking soda alone might not be enough to mask the smell of vomit. But it cuts down on the smell of vomit and kills bacteria to avoid dangerous situations.

How Long Will the Smell of Vomit Last?

Most smells go away in two to three days (unless you take action). But the smell stays longer if it is strong and there isn’t enough air flow.

Final Words

People usually throw up in the bathroom or toilet, so the smell of vomit in the bathroom is a common problem. I hope the smell goes away quickly after you clean it and read this article from your bathroom.