Why Are My Curtains Moving

Why Are My Curtains Moving? This Is Why!

Curtains are an essential household entity that not only adds beauty but also protects your house from external elements. But, there are times when curtains may act bizarrely and make us question what’s wrong?

If you’ve noticed your curtains blowing in a haphazard manner or moving when you feel no wind, you may have thought of a million reasons why!

But, truth be told- this isn’t a big issue, and with some logic and reasoning, you’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong! So begs the question:

Why are my curtains moving? One of the common reasons why curtains move without any human interference is because there is a strong draft entering the room through the windows. Another reason could be because of the sudden input or entrance of air when you open the door.

Curtains should be chosen based on the place you live in. If it’s a place that is often windy, then thicker curtains are the best choice. Another factor to consider is the amount of light you want in your room.

Curtains provide coziness and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes if they are of the right color, design, and length. It is crucial that you choose the right curtains for you too to complete the look.

Reasons Why Your Curtains Are Moving

Curtains can be very thin and see-through if they are made of a flimsy fabric like chiffon or silk. They are also prone to swinging where the wind blows, but if your curtains are moving even with all the doors and windows closed, then there could be a few reasons why:

  • Draft coming in
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If the curtains move when the windows are closed, then there is a possibility of a draft entering the house. This means that our windows are showing signs of damage and you must get them fixed immediately.

  • Movement of air

This may sound obvious, but if your curtains are moving when you open or close the door, then it is because of this. Air is present everywhere, and whenever there is a vacuum created anywhere, the surrounding air flows in to fill up the space.

Now, when you open the door, there is a vacuum created between the door’s original position(closed) and the door’s latest position( open). Air from the surrounding environments will now flow in to fill up the vacuum( including the air trapped behind the curtains).

When that happens, the force of the air’s movement will cause the curtains to move involuntarily since they are thin and light. The same logic does behind moving curtains when you close the door.

  • Radiator under the window

If you have a radiator, then it may most probably cause your curtains to move. To understand this, you must know two things:

  • Warmer air has a lower density than colder air
  • Lower density air always flows towards higher density air

Since a radiator’s air is warmer, it will flow upwards to displace the colder air above it. When such a displacement happens, your curtains are bound to move if they are of light fabric.

  • Fan is on

Curtains are sure to move when fans are switched on, but does that happen? There will be pressure variation on the inside and outside of the curtains. When the fan is switched on, it creates a low-pressure region on the side of the curtain facing the fan.

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Thus the higher pressure on the inside of the curtain pushes the curtain forward and causes a movement.

Why Do Curtains Move When The Door Is Opened?

The simplest reason why your curtains move when the door is opened suddenly is due to the movement of air or convection. Convection causes warmer air which is lighter, to flow towards colder air which is heavier with higher density.

Also, any form of a vacuum created in a room will cause air from all directions to fill up the vacuum. When a door is suddenly opened, there is a vacuum created between the original position(closed) and the final position (open) of the door.

Therefore, air from all corners of the room will flow in to fill this space, thus causing the curtains to move. The curtains’ movement is mainly due to the movement of air from behind that pushes the curtain forward. Heavier curtains will show lesser movement as compared to lightweight curtains.

Should You Worry If Your Curtains Are Moving?

Worrying about your curtains moving on their own is nothing to worry provided you know what is causing it. For example, if curtains are moving because you’ve just switched on the fan or you suddenly opened the door ( explained above), then it is absolutely fine.

However, if you think the curtains are moving due to some other reasons, then it is worthy of a checkup. Windows are the main gateways to wind from outside that causes curtains to move, but if your windows are closed, then it could be because there is a gap between the windows.This is possible either because you have not shut the windows properly or there is damage in the windows.

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What Should You Do To Avoid Your Curtains From Moving?

  • Magnetize your curtains

This will work if you have metal railings or metal objects close to the windows. You need to buy some heavy-duty magnets and place them into the inner, outer, and bottom hems of the curtains.

  • Weigh them down

Sew in some weights at the bottom of the curtains to keep them in place. Fishing weights are a good choice for using as weights on curtains.

How Long Should Your Curtains Be?

Curtains should be long enough to cover the whole length of the wall but not too long that it piles up on the floor. A good length is to keep a small space of about half inches from the floor.

Final Words

Moving curtains are not a cause for concern if it’s because of a moving fan or sudden movements in the room. However, if it moves in a closed room that is still, then it is probably because of air coming in through the door or windows.