Should You Put A TV In Your Kitchen

Should You Put A TV In Your Kitchen? Honest Answer!

There are different shapes and sizes of the kitchen, and there is not enough space to add all things you require to have within reach of your hand. There are pans, pots, canisters, recipe cards, and many things that take up the entire space. Many kitchens also have adequate wall space for decorating. Instead of going for art on the wall, you can add entertainment to the kitchen space with a TV. There are many other benefits of adding a television screen to your kitchen. 

Should you put a TV in your kitchen? You can put a television in your kitchen as installing a TV in the kitchen is becoming trendier today. It’s great for watching your favorite ball games or other TV shows. In this way, you can cook and have some entertainment simultaneously. 

Does Installing A TV In The Kitchen An Ideal Solution?

Although a flat TV screen may feel and appear like some indulgence, however, in reality, there are many uses for putting a TV in the kitchen. You can easily cook, and your favorite television chefs make desserts and meals in your kitchen.

Adding a television screen to the cooking space will let you watch all the chefs’ moves and recreate their cooking tips. You can also add a DVD player or DVR where you record, rewatch and pause as many times. 

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Different Tips For Finding The Best Place To Place A TV In Your Kitchen

Kitchen space is changing with time, and with new times more new designs are coming that allow people to put a TV in their kitchen. The modern kitchen television mount ideas are coming up. The following are the tips to get the right place for setting your TV in the kitchen, no matter the size, functionality, and design. 

Select Height

You need to experiment and figure out the height of your TV placement to make your kitchen TV look seamless. Therefore, placing the TV in the topmost kitchen corner or above the refrigerator might make your TV look unnoticeable when it is not required or in use. The next variant is the opposite- placing the TV at the level of your eyes so that it becomes a more emphasized and integral part of kitchen design.

Here in this position, the TV is placed above your cooking space and enables you to watch the culinary shows and even replicate the famous recipes. The lowest height for placing your kitchen can be in the sink area, which also looks elegant. For this, you can select waterproof and safety TVs. 

Select The Location

People often get concerned about the location of TV placement since they don’t want the main functionality of their kitchen space to get affected. You can easily integrate your TV without compromising on the important working areas. It will look quite cool when you treat your TV set like a kitchen appliance and fix it on the kitchen wall next to the stove, oven, or microwave.

This TV set won’t stand out from the rest kitchen design. The next solution is to get your TV set installed in cabinet doors to seamlessly match your kitchen furniture’s overall design. 

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Hide Your TV Or Not 

People often want to hide their television in the kitchen since they don’t need it all the time or maybe because they don’t want the important functional space to get occupied. Following are the quick tips for placing your TV –

  • You can hide your TV on a shelf or niche. If the color of these spaces is similar to your TV or dark, then you can perfectly disguise the TV when it is not in use
  • If you don’t want your TV set to hide, then put them into a corner of your working space where it will hardly take much space

Different Reasons Why You Should Put A TV In Your Kitchen

There are ample reasons and benefits for installing a TV in the kitchen. They are as follows:

No More Tacky

People think having a TV in the kitchen clutters up most of the space and even affects the kitchen’s appearance. However, modern, inconspicuous and sleek designs of TV sets have come up. You can easily mount a flat-screen TV to the walls of your kitchen.

You can also use cabinets to install a TV to save more space. If you want an appliance to blend in perfectly, you get this feature with modern TVs. The older version of television may be tacky, but the current and advanced entertainment system doesn’t cause such problems. 

Good Way To Start Your Day

You can start your day with a bit of multitasking entertainment. When you install a TV in your kitchen, you can get the weather update and watch the morning news over your cup of tea or coffee. Installing a TV in the kitchen lets you cook your favorite meals and hot beverages by switching on your favorite culinary show in the background. 

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Good To Spend Time

When your family socializes in the kitchen by watching TV together feels good. On the other hand, when you are alone in the kitchen getting handy entertainment feels great. You can watch movies, shows, and series while waiting for the food to cook. 

A TV In The Kitchen Draws A Crowd

A great perk of having a TV series placed in the kitchen is that you can prepare your meals while your favorite show runs in the background. It also draws other members of the family closer to the kitchen. TV sets lure people towards it. So you can expect people in the kitchen when a TV is around. In this way, you get to have additional hands to help you in cooking.


There are ample reasons and benefits for having a TV screen placed in your kitchen as this practice is coming into the mainstream. You can keep up with your favorite shows and have fun/entertainment while cooking. Therefore in the present day, it has become easy to upgrade kitchen space with exciting and new options in technology and entertainment.

With a TV placed in your kitchen, you can opt for multitasking while staying updated on current shows on TV and attending the culinary matter together.