Our Brand Story


The thought process of our journey started up at home, where we speculated about bringing in the use of harmless products. Such products that can only add a positive impact on our lives are the core aim of Bamboora. Our initiative of producing reusable bamboo paper towels has started to make our environment more clean and healthy. This step has been taken to decrease the amount of waste that pollutes our atmosphere. With this concern of bringing the safest product, we assure you the best quality that can add worth to your healthy lifestyle. With Bamboo paper towels, we want to share our experience with the people. Come and join hands with us to spread healthy vibes all over your home and surroundings. CHOOSE SUSTAINABLE TREE FREE PAPER FOR YOUR HOME 

While shaping the aim of making the environment clean and healthy, Bamboora deals with the production of natures way bamboo paper towels. These bamboo paper towels are better for the environment. Along with doing lots of kitchen work, they are usable for other house chores too. From wiping out the spill on the floor to cleaning the dust, bamboo paper towels effectively perform their work. They are effective in replacing regular paper towels that you often purchase.  The natural strength and softest fiber of bamboo make them one of the best sustainable home bamboo paper towels. Bamboora brings into use reusable products to minimize the waste and risk of polluting the environment. Fairly, they are the safest to use in all terms. 


Undoubtedly, trees are an integral part of the ecosystem. They purify the environment by absorbing harmful gases and producing oxygen. From preventing soil to controlling climate changes, collectively, they moderate the effects of sun and wind. In short, where trees balance the underground system, they are equally essential for the ecosystem. Trees are the essence of making an environment safe and secure. Moreover, if all of us start using reusable bamboo towels, unknowingly, we will play our role in protecting our environment from getting it polluted. Indeed, every single step matters a lot for bringing even a small change. 

 In addition to this, their antibacterial quality is a plus to add-in cleaning items. Indeed, it’s a must-have product for mopping things down. 


Usage of Bamboora Towels

Our purpose in introducing the washable bamboo towels is to lessen the cost of purchasing regular towels. The loftiest durable tendency of these paper towels makes them long-lasting in cleaning the surfaces. They are made of bamboo fiber and are 100% reusable.  These towels give ultimate cleaning and make the daily house chores more manageable. So, they are best to pick for having the convenience of tidying up the places. 

The production of bamboo paper towels is carried out by organically sourced bamboo. Reusable bamboo paper towel are durable and washable. They help in overcoming the waste caused by thousands of paper towels. So, their use can significantly help the environment in recovering from the pollution.