How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger? 12 Easy Ways!

Sometimes, we feel like our room is small. Sometimes we are right but sometimes we are wrong too. Of course, we are not perfect and cannot know what is true. But did you know that even if you think that your room is small, you can make it look bigger? 

We perceive a room differently. Some of us think that a small room is big, while some of us think the big room is small. There are things that you can do so that you and the visitors inside your house will think that your small room is big. 

My bedroom is small but whenever my classmates, co-workers, or friends come inside my room, they think that I live a comfortable life because my room looks big. But they do not know that I did some tricks to trick their minds into thinking that my room is big!

I have become adept at finding and making space where there appears to be none! Now, let me share with you my tips and tricks to make your room look and feel bigger no matter how small it is! Now if you are ready, let us proceed!

1. Declutter Your Room

This is the essential thing that you must first do to make your small room look bigger. I cannot tell you how much more open a room looks when it has been through a good decluttering. 

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You must get rid of the things you don’t need inside your small room. There is no reason to keep tons of different books, magazines, toys, or collectibles sitting around your room taking up too much space. 

Choose something important or valuable that you can keep and get rid of the rest that you don’t think valuable or important. Unnecessary clutter can make your room feel small and cramped and make it harder to navigate around. 

2. Choose The Right Light Colors

Next, you must choose the right light colors. Do this so that you can make your small room look bigger. 

Having a good light inside your room will feel brighter and larger. Using darker colors absorbs light and makes the room look smaller and closed in. 

Choose light colors for larger items like the walls, floors, and curtains so that your room will be more open. Lighter colors will make your room look bigger and more spacious.

3. Rearrange The Furniture

The next thing you should do to make a small room look bigger is to rearrange your furniture. You might find out that by rearranging your furniture into a different layout, you end up having more space. 

If there is some furniture inside your room that you don’t usually use, consider removing it to free up some space so that your small room can look bigger. 

4. Let The Light In

Next, you should let the light in. If you have large windows inside your small room, don’t cover them up with dark, heavy curtains or blinds. Open them up so that the light can come in!

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Letting the light in inside your small room draws the eyes upwards, making your small room appear bigger and taller. 

5. Decorate Selectively

Your small room should not need to be covered in pictures, books, and knick-knacks for it to feel beautiful. 

A few decorations can help you with your style and infuse a bit of color into your space. Some brightly colored objects that pop are all you need to make a statement. 

6. Choose The Right Rug

Having an area rug that is a little bit small can make your small room look smaller. Ideally, the rug should be at least large enough that you can place the front feet of your furniture on it. 

Having a good and big rug allows the eyes to go from end to end of the entire room, making your small room look bigger. 

7. Put Some Mirrors

Mirrors reflect lights and images. This can make the small room look bigger. However, you must make sure that they are in the right spot in the room. 

Mirrors not only make a room feel bigger, but they also give the room more depth and can also double as beautiful. 

8. Add Legs To Your Furniture

Lifting your furniture from the ground makes the room feel more open and airy than when furniture is sitting flat on the bottom of the floor. You should add legs to your furniture so that your room can appear bigger. 

9. Use Gloss Paint

Using paint that has a sheen to it causes more light to reflect into the room and helps it to feel bigger. This is true with dark colors. If full-on gloss is a little too much for you, try going for an eggshell finish instead. These types of pain are easier to clean. 

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10. Hang A Large Scale Wallpaper Pattern

Next, you should hang a large-scale wallpaper pattern. Similar to using the same paint color throughout the whole room, a good wallpaper pattern keeps the eye moving, making the room look bigger. 

11. Curtains Should Be Close To The Ceiling

Hanging your curtains close to the ceiling makes your small room look bigger. It also makes the walls and windows look taller. 

In a small space, increasing the volume by making the ceiling feel higher will also make your room feel bigger. 

I use this tip inside my room. For me, curtains look better this way even in larger rooms. So try doing this!

12. Install Built Ins

Installing built-ins is the next thing that you want to do if you want your room to appear bigger. Built-ins such as bookshelves and benches take up less physical floor space than free-standing furniture would. 

By doing this, you will get the illusion of more floor space. Actually, not an illusion. You have more floor space inside your room!


Now, if you desire to make your small room appear bigger, you must do the following things I have listed above! This works for me and my other friends so this must work for you as well. Good luck!