How To Lift An Air Conditioner

How To Lift An Air Conditioner? Awesome Guide! 

You can move your AC unit by unplugging and draining it as your first step. Unplug the unit and then drain the water collected in it. On locating the point of water drainage, clean the whole AC unit. This is an inevitable step that can’t be overlooked at all.

How to lift an air conditioner? You can lift an air conditioner by taking help from a trained professional as they are trained to lift AC units and manage its weight and complexity. You can hire a crane operator and a crane to lift the AC unit. 

Are you relocating to a new place and worried about how will you move your valuable electronic appliances? You need to follow the below steps to move your air conditioning unit. You can do this alone or even take the professional help of a moving company to carry this task easily and safely.

Steps Included In Moving Your Air Conditioner

Detaching And Dolly

Air conditioner units are quite heavy and need proper expertise as well as knowledge in handling the work rightly. Moving professionals unscrew the air conditioner units very carefully if it’s still located on the window. They also have necessary devices and tools for detaching the unit, a dolly for moving your air conditioner to load in the truck, and a sturdy bag for storing all your removable parts. They take care of the point from where hot air passes out.

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Re-sealing Your Window

After unplugging the air conditioner unit, a gap still needs to be filled. If there are no window openers, they must be made with plastic, Styrofoam, or cardboard. Keep the parts safe with you as you need them at installing time at your new house. Therefore, you ensure about resealing your window.

Packing The Air Conditioner Unit

The next step is to pack the AC unit very carefully. When you load the AC unit into the truck, you will know the importance of draining and cleaning. A proper Styrofoam padding is needed to pack the AC in a box and bubble sheets for wrapping.

Reinstall The Air Conditioner Unit At Your New Location

After successfully moving your air conditioner unit to your new location, you can then reinstall your AC unit. Now you’ve to select the window where you want to install the AC unit and check about sealing the window properly to ensure maintaining the right temperature.

Can You Lift The AC Unit Off The Ground?

Yes, you can lift your AC off the ground easily, but you need to plan for this carefully. You need to plan where to place the AC unit and whether you should raise off the ground or place it on the ground. You’ll mostly see air conditioners placed on a concrete slab or huge patio stone, but nowadays, people prefer to lift the unit off the ground. Your professional installers need to put extra effort into using raised brackets rather than placing the AC unit on a slab of stone.

To get the best cooling feature and performance, lift your AC and install it at 7-8 feet off the ground. While lifting the AC, ensure that you are placing it at a good ventilation place, and the airflow must not be affected. In the case of window-type AC, the best will be to keep it at the height of 3-4 feet from the ground. When you lift your AC and place it close to the wall, it may trip because of the high pressure.

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Ensure that you are lifting the unit in a place that can endure the vibration and weight of the unit. The best way to lift your AC unit is to raise it off the ground, protecting your unit from potential damage. Lifting the unit and placing it off the ground facilitate easy servicing when it comes to routine maintenance and inspection.

What Should You Take Note Of When Lifting Your Air Conditioner?

When lifting your air conditioner unit, pay attention to the following points.

  • The first safety measure that you should consider is not lifting it alone and taking professional help. Don’t try to lift it by yourself, as you can get injured. Hire an experienced AC technician to accomplish the lifting task.
  • Don’t place the AC unit upside down or on its side, as it can affect the mounting of the AC compressor.
  • Don’t tip the AC unit when removing it from your wall, as there may be some water at the bottom.
  • When you are outdoors with the AC unit, tip at a 45-degree angle to ensure proper draining of water
  • Don’t try to touch the conductors or live wires with bare hands.
  • Lifting your AC unit during the day is better as you get the presence of natural light that can help to identify any potential problem.
  • You can also put a note or sticker on the AC and mark it as ‘Don’t turn it’ so that other members become aware of it.
  • While lifting the AC unit, ensure that children aren’t around you or are present at a safe distance much away from the lifting task.
  • Make sure you don’t move the unit to an area exposed to rain or sunlight.
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Are Air Conditioners Heavy?

Yes, the AC unit is quite heavy for the little space it cools. A window-installed air conditioning unit weighs more, and you can’t find any unit lighter than at least 46 pounds. Air conditioning units are heavy due to copper.

Copper is heavy and per cubic foot weighs around 558 pounds. Both the system of AC unit- window and centralized consist of three vital parts- compressor, condenser, and evaporator. The condenser and evaporator are designed with copper coils. The copper-made components take up 60% of the weight. AC units are as heavy as 213 pounds as well.

Final Words

Before starting the lifting process, always inspect the location where you want to move your air conditioner and confirm that the area is in good condition to support the weight of your AC unit. Hiring a trained crane operator helps lift your AC unit smoothly to the roof. You can search for referrals to hire the best helper for yourself.