How To Close A Crank Window From The Outside

How To Close A Crank Window From The Outside? Easy Steps!

A crank window is a window that has a piece of metal that links the window to the window frame. It is also called casement windows, and these metals are used to open and close windows.

The metal or rod has a gear mechanism that helps move the window in a circular motion or sideways. The crank handle has two ends where one end is attached to the bottom of a window, and the other is attached to the window frame.

The crank widow can get stuck sometimes due to numerous factors, making it difficult to close them.

How to close a crank window from the outside? You can try to close a crank window from the outside by giving it a little push. However, if it doesn’t budge, you should not push it forcibly as it may cause more damage.

There are other alternative methods to close the crank window if you cannot close it from the outside by giving it a push.

How Can You Close A Crank Window From The Outside?

Crank windows are usually located in out-of-the-way areas of the house. This means they might gather a lot of dust and other minute stuff that might deter the window’s movement.

You can try to close it by giving it a gentle nudge from the outside. If it does not close from the outside, you need to get some tools ready to examine the crank.

It is vital to figure out the reasons causing the window to remain stuck without closing. You might feel that adding more power to your push will close the window from the outside. However, it may end up damaging the crank more.

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So, here are some steps you can follow to fix the problems in your crank window.

  • Find out the Issue
  • Detach the Crank Cover
  • Unscrew the Hinges in the Crank
  • Remove the Sill
  • Extract the Crank
  • Install new Crank

The steps mentioned above are the simplest ways to ensure that your window can be closed. These steps are an alternative to pushing the window from outside to close it. So, take a look at a more detailed description of these steps.

Find Out The Issue

Crank windows usually get stuck if you leave them untouched over a long period. This is because the metal gears rust and get old.

There is also a chance that the crank window is getting stuck due to the expansion of the window frames due to the heat. There are several other reasons why the crank window is getting stuck.

So, it is best to find out what is causing the problem before blindly going ahead and calling professionals or breaking the frame of the window. Crank windows will usually have issues with their gears or the crank handle.

Detach The Crank Cover

To take a look at the inner mechanism of the crank, you must remove its external covering. To do that, you have to follow a couple of steps.

Cranks usually come with a fixed handle to the crank with a tiny screw. This handle is used to open and close the window by rotating it clockwise and anti-clockwise. Find the screw and unscrew it using a flathead screwdriver.

Remove the handle and then do the same with the crank cover. Unscrew the bolts that are attaching the cover to the main crank. Remove the lid, and you will see where the problem lies.

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Unscrew The Hinges In The Crank

There are usually two hinges in a crank window. One is at the bottom of the sash, and the other is at the top. Unscrew these two hinges to remove the window sash.

First, you need to detach the hinges from the operator bracket. You will find this at the bottom of the window sash consisting of a couple of bolts. After disconnecting the hinge from the operator, separate the window dash from the hinge set.

After keeping the sash aside, remove the remaining hinge set from the frame.

Remove The Sill

Since the crank is placed under the window’s sill, it is necessary to take out the sill from the frame. You should be careful while trying to detach the sill as it may crack, leading to damage.

Clean any substance used to bind the sill to the window frame. After that, find an opening and use a crowbar to pry open the sill.

Extract The Crank

After removing the sill from the frame, use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the crank from the window frame. It is an effortless step to perform.

Once you remove the crank from the window frame, you are ready to install a new crank.

It is unnecessary to install a new crank if the problem lies with rust or if it is not moving because of dust and minute particles that have jammed the gears. If this is the case, you can apply a silicone-based lubricant to the arms and locking mechanisms of the crank.

Install New Crank

If the crank cannot be repaired, install a new one after removing the old one. However, not all cranks are the same.

You have to find out the model and the size of the old one to make your installation process a simple one. Screw-in and attach the arms to the window. Put the handle in the crank and test it to see if the window closes.

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If you do not find the exact model, you might end up replacing the whole window and the frame. Put the sill back in, and your window is good to go once again.

Is It Possible To Close A Crank Window From The Outside?

Give your crank window a push from the outside if it is stuck. It probably needs to be repaired or replaced if it doesn’t move. There is no other way to close it from outside if the crank is spoilt.

Why Does Your Crank Window Close All The Way?

Crank windows close all the way because the gear mechanism and the arms work perfectly fine. There is no case of jamming due to accumulated dust, cobwebs, or rust.

How Can You Take Care Of Your Window?

Taking care of your crank window is not a demanding process. With silicone-based lube, you should lubricate the moving arms, locking mechanisms, and the crank unit. If you use oil, it might leave permanent stains on the window.

It is advisable not to leave the crank window unused for long periods as it may rust or lead to the accumulation of dust, jamming the window.


A crank window can be closed from the outside only when there are minor problems. A slight push will do it if the crank mechanisms are still working.

The most logical thing to do is repair the parts or replace the whole crank window. Forceful pushing will only damage the crank window more.