How Can I Make My TV Stand Higher

How Can I Make My TV Stand Higher? Easy Tutorial!

Not all TV stands are set to the right height.

This is a serious complaint, and it can make it hard to see the screen from a certain angle. Most people will take the time to figure out where their TV is and how to set it up for the most comfortable viewing.

Keeping this in mind, you should ask yourself, “How can I make my TV stand taller?”

Putting risers on the legs of your TV stand can make it taller. These are special pieces that you put under the stand to make it taller. A better solution is to buy a TV screen riser that you can adjust. This can be moved up or down without the stand having to be moved.

The goal should be to damage the TV or stand as little as possible.

With good risers, you won’t have any more problems, and the screen will be at a better height for your room.

Here’s a look at how to raise the height of a TV stand and what works and what doesn’t.

Should TV Stand Be High Or Low?

For the best viewing experience, make sure that your TV stand holds the TV at a height that is comfortable for you. Buying a TV stand that is too tall or too short can cause neck or eye strain or make it worse if you already have it. The center of your TV should be at or just below eye level as a general rule.

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To figure out how high your TV stand should be, measure the distance from the floor to the average viewer’s line of sight. When you have that number, take away half the height of the TV. Your TV stand should be within an inch or two of the difference.

What’s The Best Height For A TV?

Before we talk about how to make your TV stand taller, we need to figure out what the best height for your TV is.

As a general rule, the best height for a TV is to put the screen just a little bit below eye level. The best height for your TV is around 42 inches, but this will depend on how tall your chairs or sofa are.

You can easily find the right setup for you by measuring the distance from the floor to your eye level when you are sitting on your couch or chair. The best height for your TV stand will be somewhere in the middle of the difference between the TV’s height and half of that number.

Is It OK If TV Is Bigger Than Stand?

It’s important to remember that TVs are measured across the diagonal, while TV consoles are measured across the width. When choosing a console, make sure to take the actual width of your TV screen into account.

In terms of size, your TV should be about two-thirds as wide as your stand.

How To Make Your TV Stand Higher?

Use Riser For TV

This is the best and easiest way to solve the problem.

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You will buy a TV riser that you can change the height of. This means you won’t have to touch the TV stand to change the height. Instead, the TV will do it for you.

This is a good choice because it will keep you from putting your setup’s base at risk (i.e. TV stand). It would be better to leave that alone.

If you put your TV on a riser, you can just walk up to the screen and move it up or down to make changes. This is much faster, safer, and more effective than any other solution you could use in the future.

Use Riser For The TV Stand

You can always buy risers for a TV stand if you want to make it taller.

These risers will be put on the TV stand’s legs, which will make them a few inches taller.

It’s not hard to set up, but you need to be careful. You don’t want the TV stand to fall over because one of the risers wasn’t put in correctly and made it uneven.

Take your time putting risers on a TV stand and make sure it’s stable before putting the TV back on top.

Create New Base For The TV

Without a mount, you’ll have to focus on the base of the TV to raise it.

There are several ways to do this, including the ones listed above, which use risers. But you could also buy a small table that sits on top of the TV stand.

This surface will be as wide as the TV’s base, so it can sit on top of the TV stand.

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As a small base for your TV, you can choose from a number of options that look good. Take the time to figure out which one is best for you.

Invest In A New TV Stand

You should only use this solution if you have money to spend.

You shouldn’t get rid of your old TV stand and start looking for a new one. But if you really want to make a change, you should look for a higher TV stand that is easy to put together.

This will give you control over how the stand looks once it’s set up.

Remember that you should always pay attention to the angle from which you will watch. This makes a big difference and needs to be remembered.

Final Words

How can I get my TV to stand up taller?

Putting risers under the bottom of the legs of a TV stand can make it taller. You can also use a TV riser that lets you change the height of the screen in seconds.

It is best to start with a TV riser because it is easier to set up and will also make it easier to make changes.

It’s not hard to do this as long as you take the time to measure everything and make sure it’s at the right height when you’re done.