Do Painted Cabinets Look Cheap

Do Painted Cabinets Look Cheap? Honest Answer!

Cabinets are essential inside our house. There are different kinds of cabinets and we put them in different rooms inside our houses. There are cabinets for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. In all places or rooms of our house, there are cabinets because this is where we put important things. Also, having cabinets will make things in order inside our house. 

Cabinets should look beautiful so that if we have visitors inside our house, they will notice that you are a stylish and neat person. Your cabinets should be cleaned once or twice a week to avoid pests and dust lurking inside your cabinets. Also, cleaning it will preserve the design and it will not look cheap. However, some people say that painted cabinets look cheap, which is why they avoid buying one. Is this true? Yes or no?

Do painted cabinets look cheap? It depends on the paint and the quality of the cabinet. If you use good quality paint and give it the right texture, your painted cabinet will not look cheap. However, if you did not paint properly and choose the right paint color for your cabinet, then your cabinet might look ugly and cheap. 

Today, we will talk about painted cabinets and why painted cabinets don’t look cheap. I gave you an answer above if painted cabinets look cheap but let me explain it more later on. Painted cabinets are good, but only if the painted cabinet was painted nice and the colors used are matched. 

Don’t worry, let me help you decide if you will buy painted cabinets. After reading this you will surely decide whether to buy or not painted cabinets. If you are ready, let us move on!

Do Painted Cabinets Look Cheap?

Like I have said, painted cabinets don’t look cheap but only if the paint and quality are good. If you use good quality paint and give it the right texture, it should not be a problem. 

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Painted cabinets are quite in style at the moment and no, they don’t look cheap unless the paint job is poorly executed or possibly the color is not bright or not right for the cabinet. 

However, if you have nice wood, your cabinets might appear more expensive than they would be painted. My father and I used to paint our cabinets and we make sure that the paint we use will not make our cabinets look cheap. 

Painting your cabinets is more economically friendly because it gives you more money to spend elsewhere. If your cabinet’s paint looks worn out, instead of buying new, why not paint it? It is cheaper than buying a new whole cabinet. Just make sure that you do the painting job properly. 

Are Painted Cabinets Worth Buying?

Yes! It is worth it to buy painted cabinets that you see online. However, just make sure that the painting job was executed properly because if the paint job was executed poorly, your cabinet will look cheap and ugly. 

Why You Should Not Paint Your Cabinets?

Even though it is good to paint your cabinet instead of buying a new one, there are some cabinets that you should not paint. 

If your cabinets have detailed patterns or they are warped, chipped, cracked, or have other damages to them, painting your cabinet is not the best way to go. It will not solve your cabinet problem. There is also a chance that the paint will crack at the joints from the expansion or contraction of the wood. 

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Cabinets made from oak should never be painted. Once painted, the open grain of oak will give your cabinets an orange peel appearance and feel to them. Painting your hard maple cabinets is not also a good idea. They change with humidity. 

If your cabinet is made from open-grained wood, it is also not a good idea to paint it. Open-grained wood looks much rougher and rustic. If your cabinets are made from poplar, they probably have a few dents in them. 

Lastly, cabinets that are not solid wood, those made of stainless steel, vinyl, laminate, and engineered wood are also not good if you paint them. You will have a big task to make as they are not easy to paint. 

Does Painting Your Cabinets Lower Its Value?

No. Not really. Painting your cabinets will not lower their value unless your painting job was poorly executed. 

No one wants to buy a cabinet that was painted like a preschool. If you want to sell your cabinet, make sure that you paint it properly and choose the right color. 

According to the analysis of real estate owners, cabinets that are painted in warm yellow hues yielded the highest sale premium. However, it does not mean that you should not try other colors. You should try other colors and see if they will sell. Research it properly first. 

How Long Do Professionally Painted Cabinets Last?

With proper care of professionally painted cabinets, you can expect your newly painted cabinets to last 9-12 years. However, this is not accurate because there are lots of factors to consider. 

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The first factor is cabinet painting preparation. Before painting your cabinet, the surfaces must be well prepared. If cabinets are painted without preparing the surfaces properly, the paint usually does not last. 

All cabinets need proper sanding, patching, cleaning, and priming to avoid compromising the final result. Most painters miss using grain filler when painting wood cabinets. 

The second factor that might lessen the life of your professionally painted cabinets is how you use them. If you don’t use or place your cabinet in the right place, the paint will surely wear out. Everything that is used properly will surely last long. 

Final Words

No. Painted cabinets do not look cheap but only if the painting job was poorly executed or the painting used is not good or high-quality. Another thing that will make painted cabinets look cheap is if the preparation before painting was not properly executed. But if done correctly, painted cabinets will not look cheap and will look more good.