Can You Use Your Washing Machine If Your Boiler Is Broken

Can You Use Your Washing Machine If Your Boiler Is Broken? Yes Or No?

Due to poor heating elements, most of the boilers break down. You can easily fix this issue, but this would need some time until you get your boiler repaired. Tankless boilers or water beaters need more time to be repaired as these are complicated.

However, a failed boiler will not obstruct water flow to your washing machine. You can even wash clothes in the machine on a cold wash cycle; however, if you intend to use only hot or warm water, your washing machine will not work. That doesn’t mean that you can’t expect excellent results with cold water washing in your washer.

Can you use your washing machine if your boiler is broken? Yes, you can continue using your washing machine even if your boiler fails or breaks down. You can use other means of heating water to wash your clothes in hot/warm water or go for cold water wash to wash clothes in the machine.

Why Does My Boiler Break During The Winter?

Unfortunately, your boiler is prone to break down during the winter months and leave you without hot water and heat when you require them the most. The main reason is that boilers develop most faults during the hot summer months due to reduced use which causes the boiler’s internal parts to seize.

How To Use The Washing Machine If My Boiler Doesn’t Work?

You can continue using your washing machine if your boiler breaks down and use a cold water cycle to wash clothes on the machine. This is similar to the wash you get on hot water. You need not be too concerned as clothes can also be washed in cold water. Some detergents are effective enough to give you a similar cleanliness degree on the cold wash cycle.

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Although you can go for cold water washing if your boiler stops working, some fabrics need only a hot or warm wash cycle. Water temperature plays an important role in some fabrics like spandex, rayon, nylon, and polyester. So for special clothes, you need hot water.

To access warm/hot water to wash clothes when your boiler stops working, you can use an electric shower or immersion heater, which helps in heating water. If you don’t have them, you can use a saucepan or kettle even for warming/heating water for bathing purposes or washing clothes.

What Are The Main Symptoms Of A Broken Boiler?

When you can timely recognize the symptoms of a broken or a sick boiler, you can become aware and take timely action. Some of these symptoms include yellow/orange flame or light. If you fail to understand the problem in your boiler, it will end up costing you more and will also prove to be hazardous. If your boiler gets broken under warranty, you can take it to your manufacturer or any experienced engineer to repair it.

How Can You Wash Clothes With A Washing Machine Without A Boiler? 

You can take help from a clothes washer that can wash your clothes without using hot water if your boiler breaks down. You have to go for laundry /washing clothes on a cold cycle and even use cold water detergents.

It is a matter of concern if your boiler breaks, making heating water difficult for the washing machine and dishwasher. You have to be inventive when the boiler breaks down. If your boiler is broken, it won’t heat the water at the temperature it should, and thus it becomes challenging to use washing clothes. However, you still can do laundry.

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For this, use cold water and detergents ideal for washing clothes in cold water. Washing clothes in your machine is best in warm water as most the detergents don’t dissolve properly in case of cold water.

Does The Washing Machine Heat Water?

Most of the washing machine that comes don’t heat water. However, many dishwashers come with a heating element that can be used for your dishes. But washing machines depend on a boiler for on-demand heating of water as they lack heating elements.

A hot water valve is present in your machine that receives water from the boiler. But when your boiler gets blocked, it will not deliver water to the washing machine. If you attempt to use a washing machine with insufficient water, it will even destroy the washer.

Many modern washing machines come with an internal water heater that can heat water. Some even produce steam to clean all types of stains from your clothes. In such a case, if your washer heats water, then there should be no problem using your washing machine in case your boiler is out because it will use cold water input.

However, cross-check with your manufacturer and see the manual if you are confused about whether your washing machine can heat water.

Can I Bypass Hot Water On The Washing Machine? 

There is two water hose connection that you’ll find at the back of your washing machine. One is for hot water (the red one) and the other is cold water (the blue one). As most washing machines don’t have a heating system, they must be supplied with hot water through taps. If you have to wash clothes without warm water, especially if your boiler breaks down, you may use a Y hose connection and connect to cold water supplying tap.

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Then turn off your hot water tap and connect the two hoses to the Y connector. Many modern washers have now come into the market that doesn’t need hot water for cleaning. So you need not worry about washing clothes when your boiler breaks down as you can simply wash in a cold water cycle.


 Washing clothes in cold water isn’t just an alternative when your boiler breaks down. There are many benefits as well. When you opt for cold water wash, you can avoid shrinkage and dyeing of light and white colors of your clothes. You can prevent your clothes from shrinking and fading with the help of cold water washing, which makes them last longer.

You can safely put your clothes in the washing machine and use cold water without worrying if there’s no hot water available due to issues with your boiler. Some fabrics, like silk and lacework best in cold water. Warm water is best suited for cleaning stubborn stains, sheets, bedding items, comforters, undergarments, towels, clothes used when sick, etc.