Can You Put Cabinets Under A Cooktop

Can You Put Cabinets Under A Cooktop? The Truth!

Cabinets under a cooktop are the trend these days. And why not when it looks classy and organized! People design their kitchen in such a way that the cooking utensils are always near their reach, like the cabinets under the cooktop.

So, is it possible and safe to put cabinets under a cooktop? The answer is a Yes. One can put cabinets to store utensils or kitchen essentials through proper installation. Cabinets under the cooktop make searching for utensils so much easier!

Which Is Better? Cabinets Or Drawers Under A Cooktop?

Of course, both cabinets and drawers prove to be helpful in their ways, and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is the best spot to keep spices and cutleries when it comes to drawers. However, you cannot fit large pots or pans in a drawer.

Drawers are easier to access. However, with cabinets, you can store small to large-sized utensils and even keep spices and cutleries according to your arrangement!

What Can You Store In A Cabinet Under A Cooktop?

You can store or keep so many things in a cabinet under a cooktop. First of all, it is the best place to keep utensils so that while cooking, you don’t have to search the whole kitchen looking for a pot. Another great thing about cabinets is that you can store any size of utensils, unlike drawers.

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You can store your silverware and dishes as well in the cabinet. Keeping spices in cabinets under a cooktop has never gotten better! It does not just look good, but it is also handy!

You can also keep your silicon molds or other silicon wares in the cabinet, even if it is under a cooktop. Except for electronics and oil, you can store almost everything!

What Should You Not Store In A Cabinet Under A Cooktop?

Yes, you can store almost everything in a cabinet under a cooktop. However, there are certain kinds of stuff that are not safe to be kept under a cooktop. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Electronic appliances

Never store electronic appliances under a cooktop. The heat from the cooktop will damage your electronic devices, and it is best to store them in a loft space.

  • Perishable food items

You can store almost everything doesn’t mean you can keep food items like fruits and vegetables under a cooktop. Also, do not store eggs, ketchup, mayo, or pickles, basically foods that are likely to decay at a given period.

  • Cleaning supplies

Never store cleaning supplies under a cooktop. These are products with chemicals and scents that are harmful if they come in contact with foods or crockery.

  • Plastics

This is common sense because everyone knows plastic melts under high temperatures or heat.

Some say it is not safe to keep utensils under a cooktop due to the heat from the cooktop, which might heat the utensils. However, if the utensils are stored in such a way there is enough space for air to circulate, it is more than safe to keep them there.

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Can You Store Metal Pots Under A Cooktop?

Yes, you can indeed store metal pots in a cabinet under a cooktop. They advise you not to because the heat from the cooktop might heat up the utensils, which can cause accidents.

However, once you arrange the metal pots so that they are not clustered, and there is enough space for air to circulate in the area, there is no danger.

If it is a utensil that can be used in an oven or a microwave, it is safe to be kept under a cooktop. It’s as simple as that.

Note– Never ever store plastics under a cooktop.

Can You Install A Wall Oven Or Microwave Under A Cooktop?

Yes, you can install a wall oven or microwave under a cooktop. It’s no wonder why many people install ovens or microwaves under their cooktops.

You just need to follow the right manual while installing. However, it is best to let a professional do the installation process.

How Much Space Do You Need Under A Cooktop?

Space is very much important and needed under a cooktop. Usually, people keep about 2 inches of space under a cooktop for the air to circulate, and it is this air space that prevents overheating inside the cabinets or drawers.

However, it is best to consult a professional before installing or, better, to let a professional do the job.

How Close Can A Cooktop Be To A Cabinet?

Measurement is critical, especially while installing kitchen appliances or tools. Likewise, installing the right size of cabinets or drawers under a cooktop is very important.

Always leave a space of at least 24 inches between a cooktop and a cabinet. If there is very less space between them, then the utensils might overheat. Therefore, leave space in such a way overheating does not take place.

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Also, make sure the space under the cooktop is at least 2 inches so that there is enough space to prevent overheating.

Does The Bottom Of The Cooktop Get Hot?

No, the bottom of the cooktop will not get hot. See, cooktops are designed in such a way that it is safe for users to a large extent. When you touch the cooktop when you are cooking something, you will find that it is not hot but cool enough to be able to touch it.

If anything gets hot, then it is the base of the utensil that’ll get hot. You don’t ever want to touch one of those!

Also, there is enough space under a cooktop which creates enough air space to prevent overheating inside the cabinets.

Final Words

Now that you are at the end of the article, you must have a good idea of cooktops and their cabinets. The cooktop of a kitchen is such an area where you can make good use of the space, and you can install cabinets or even drawers under the cooktop.

There you can keep utensils, silverware, spices, etc. It is also essential to know which stuff to keep and which not to (mention above).

Now you can install those cabinets that you always dreamt of!