Can Light Bulbs Make You Tan

Can Light Bulbs Make You Tan? The Truth!

Most people love the tan color because, for them, it will make them look hot or more gorgeous. Some people don’t have to work hard to have tan skin because, for them, they have naturally tan skin. However, some people have to do something to make their skin tan because their skin is white. That is why these people go to the beach and lie down in front of the sun. 

However, those who don’t have time to go to the beach because they are too busy, often ask how they can tan themselves at home. Some of these people think that light bulbs can make them tan. Is it true that light bulbs can make you tan? Or is it just a myth? Well, let us find out if light bulbs can truly make you tan. 

Can light bulbs make you tan? Normal fluorescent lamps will not tan people. Yes! It has ultraviolet rays but the ultraviolet rays are inside the glass. When the light passes through the glass to your skin, the harmful ultraviolet rays have been absorbed. Also, the ultraviolet inside a normal light bulb is low, which means it cannot make you tan. 

I know some of you reading this article want to make your skin tan but you are too busy, which is why you don’t have time to go to the beach. That is why you start asking if you can do it at home and if light bulbs can help you make your skin tan. 

Yes! You can do it at home, but not with the help of light bulbs. Today, we will dive into light bulbs and see if they will help your skin look tan. Also, I will be giving some tips that busy people like you can use to tan your skin at home. If you are ready to make your skin tan at home, let us move on!

Can Light Bulbs Make You Tan?

Like I have said, normal fluorescent lamps will not tan people. Yes! Fluorescent lamps have ultraviolet rays but the ultraviolet rays are inside the bulb and when the light passes through the glass, the harmful ultraviolet rays have been absorbed. 

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Also, the energy of the ultraviolet inside the fluorescent lamp is so weak that it is almost negligible compared to the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. That is why there is no reason to consider it at all. 

You cannot get a tan from an ordinary light bulb. However, there is a type of light bulb that can make you tan but can give you skin cancer as well if exposed too much to it. 

The reason why you get tan when you lie down on the beach is because of the ultraviolet sun. Exposure to ultraviolet light, with sufficient intensity, and duration causes your skin to darken or tan. 

What Kind Of Light Bulb Gives You A Tan?

The light bulb that you should buy if you want to get a tan indoors is the tanning lamp. Tanning lamps are part of a tanning bed, booth, or another tanning device that produces ultraviolet light responsible for indoor tanning. 

There are many kinds of tanning lamps, most of which can be classified into two basic groups, which are low pressure and high pressure. 

I know that you are happy that there is a light bulb that can give you a tan. However, these light bulbs can cause skin cancer if you expose yourself for too long. 

In my personal opinion, I would stay in the sun instead of buying a light bulb that gives you a tan. It is better to stick to nature than this. Later on, let me tell you how you can be yourself at home naturally.

Do LED Lights Tan You?

Some people say that LED lights do not produce UV radiation, which is not true. Standard LEDs create a small number of UV rays, which is far less than the amount produced by the sun. 

This means that LED lights cannot tan you because the UV rays LED lights to have are too minimal to touch your skin and make it tan. Remember, if you want your skin to be tan, you must be exposed to enough ultraviolet light. 

Can Light Bulbs Affect Your Skin?

Yes! Light bulbs can affect your skin. However, not all light bulbs, especially those light bulbs that have low UV rays, can affect your skin. 

Light bulbs that have high UV rays such as the tanning lamp, can affect your skin. It can give you skin cancer if you are exposed too much to it. 

UV radiation can damage skin cells, cause sunburn, damage skin cell DNA, and dehydrate as well as depleting collagens in the skin. 

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Does A Light Bulb Have UV Rays?

Yes! All light bulbs have UV rays. However, there are different types of light bulbs and they have different uses. It means that different types of light bulbs have different amounts of UV rays. Some have higher UV rays, while some have lower UV rays. 

For example, the incandescent light bulbs. These light bulbs are the commonly used light bulbs in homes. This light bulb gives a low amount of UV light, which is good because using it at home means that you will be exposed to this light bulb most of the time, and if it has high UV rays, it can cause skin cancer. 

Each type of light bulb has different uses. If it is for home light, then the UV rays should be low. If it is for indoor tanning, then the UV rays must be somehow high. 

How To Tan At Home?

Now, if you don’t have time to go to the beach to sit on the sand and expose yourself to the sun because you are too busy, then let me help you learn how to tan at home. Don’t worry, because this is purely natural. You don’t have to buy a tanning light bulb. 

Let us start with what you need:

  • Tanning spray or lotion
  • Moisturizer
  • Tanning gloves
  • Exfoliation 
  • Bathing suit
  • Tanning oil
  • Well-cushioned lounge chair

Now that you have all you need, just follow these simple steps. Follow it properly to make sure that you get the best results. 


First, you need to apply the things that you have bought. First, you must get a tanning lotion or spray. Drugstores have lots of options for home tanning. Select a type of home tanning spray that works for your skin, tone, and texture.

Second, exfoliate your skin. Before applying the tanning lotion, exfoliate your skin first. You don’t want to apply the lotion to dry, flaky skin. Right? Take a lukewarm shower and use an exfoliating body cleanser. 

Next is to moisturize your body. This will prevent your body from getting dry all over again. Use baby oil, lotion, or your preferred, moisturizing method to seal in moisture from your neck to your toes after you shower. 

Next, put on tanning gloves. Using gloves will protect your hands from getting tanned all over them when you apply them. It is essential to find tanning gloves to protect your hands. Now that you finish the first steps, apply the tanning solution.

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Buff Your Body And Let It Soak In

Once you are completely covered, go back over your body with a soft cloth and buff in a circular motion. This will ensure that your entire body will get an even coating of tanning solution. 

Next, give it time for the solution to soak into your skin. Take a few hours to stay around the house in long, loose, dark clothing that will not get stained by your tanning solution. 

Choose A Bathing Suit

After that, you must choose the bathing suit that you like. I suggest you put on the smallest bathing suit that you have. The skimpier your bathing suit is, the more area you will be able to get tan. If you have a private backyard, it is better to tan in the nude. 

Put Some Tanning Oil

Next, put some SPF-15 tanning oil. This promotes a safe and healthy tan and lets you stay out longer under the sun without burning your skin. Never use a tanning lotion that is below SPF-15. Apply this oil for about 20 minutes before you go out in the sun and repeat every hour or so. 

Pick The Right Time 

I know that you don’t want to get a sunburn, which is why it is best to pick the right time. To prevent burns, avoid tanning during the peak hours, from 10 am to 4 pm. The less you wear, the more you should pay attention to this rule. 

Lay out for 1-3 hours, reapplying your tanning oil every hour. If you feel burning, run through your sprinklers or pool. The longer you are outside, the great chance the sun will burn you.

Maintain Your Tan

After that and you are already tan, keep your skin hydrated to maximize the time that tantalizing tan will stick around. Get an aloe-based moisturizer and apply it to your skin. 

Final Words

Normal light bulbs cannot make you tan. However, there is a specific light bulb that can make you tan because the UV rays of this light bulb are high. However, I still don’t suggest this. I suggest that you tan yourself naturally by hanging out under the sun for a few hours.