5 Best Metal Detector For Woodworking to Detect through wood

I know that you’ve been going through a rough time with woodworking due to nails in wood. Even sometimes, it ruins your best project. That’s why you’re here to find the best metal detector for woodworking.

You’ll glad to know that you can find all kinds of metal in wood, such as nails, staples, screws, etc. The most important thing is that you can save your expensive machines like a jointer, saw, planer, etc., with this little master.

Can a metal detector REALLY detect through wood?

Do you have a wooden chest that you suspect is hiding some valuable metals? Well, let me present you with the million-dollar question: Can a metal detector detect through wood?

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The short answer is yes, but it really depends on the type of detector you are using and the thickness of the wood. Some metal detectors are equipped with a feature called “Discrimination” that allows them to differentiate between different types of metals. This feature is a game-changer when it comes to detecting metals through wooden objects.

Now, let’s talk about the thickness of the wood. If the wooden object is too thick, the metal detector may not be able to detect the metal. This is because the magnetism of the metal dissipates as it gets further away from the detector.

However, fear not my fellow treasure hunters! There is a trick to detecting metals through thicker wooden objects. All you have to do is move the detector closer to the wooden surface and slowly sweep it back and forth. This allows the detector to pick up even the slightest magnetic interference caused by the metal object.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re feeling brave, you can also try cutting a small hole in the wooden object and sticking the metal detector inside. This will eliminate the interference caused by the wood and allow you to detect the metal more easily. Just be careful not to damage the metal object while cutting the hole!

It’s worth noting that while metal detectors are great at detecting metals through wood, they do have their limitations. For example, if the metal object is too small or too far away from the detector, it may not be able to pick it up. Additionally, there are some metals that are harder to detect than others, such as gold and aluminum.

Quick View on Metal Detector that Detect through wood

However, don’t mess metal detector for wood with an ordinary one. You’ll find coin, fishing hook, gold, metal by using a normal metal detector, but the wood metal detector is a completely different tool.

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By the way, I’ve come up with the top 5 best hand held metal detectors for woodworkers. Later there is an extensive buying guide for the wood metal detector.

Top 5 Best metal detector for woodworking

If you deal with old wood and want to reuse them, the metal detector wand for woodworking is a must-have tool. In fact, it will help you to do your job smoothly.

Millions of wood enthusiasts use this nail finder metal detector to save their time and tools. It ensures an efficient workforce in any woodworking or DIY project.

I’ve chosen the market-dominating woodworking metal detector for you to have the best one. They’ve enough capability for metal detecting in the woods. Check below for reviews and buying guides.

1. Lumber Wizard 5 Review 

Lumber Wizard 5 Review

You’ll get to know soon why I choose Lumber Wizard 5 first in my top 5 metal detectors for woodworkers list. This is the latest wood metal detector manufactured by Lumber Wizard on their 20th Anniversary.

It helps you find out the wire, bullets, nails, screws, and other materials inside the wood while recycling them. If you’re working with the planer, you can save it by having this metal detector. It allows you to scan the large area with 6 inches wide range. The interesting thing is that you can operate it quickly one-handed.

Usually, it doesn’t come with a battery, but a new 9-volt battery is always recommended to use. The Lumber Wizard offers a one-year warranty for this item.

However, I’ve found a downward thing in this tool: when the battery goes down at 6 volts, it starts noises. Despite the warble tone, you can operate it. Once you reach 3 volts, it will start to deliver inconsistent performance.

The laser line visual indicator makes this tool a complete woodworking solution. You can mark the point exactly where the metal is.

It works well in 6 inches thick wood diligently and easy to maneuver. If you’re looking for a wood metal detector of small size, it’s a considerable item to look at. Although it looks cheap but worth buying.

Basically, the Lumber Wizard is located in Michigan, and they always make sure their 100% customer satisfaction. You can visit them during business hours, and they’re ready to help you.


  • It’s a well-built Quality.
  • It delivers accurate performance and easy to operate.
  • It’s a great tool & peace of mind.
  • They offer good customer service.
  • It’s the ultimate tool for sawmilling.


  • It looks cheap but not.
  • It makes noise in a low battery.

2. Lumber Wizard 4 Review: Ultimate Metal Detecting in the woods

Lumber Wizard 4 Review

The Lumber Wizard 4.2 is the best woodworking metal detector under 130 dollars on this list. As usual, it comes with an LED indicator to spot the metal quickly and manual tuning operation. It can detect all types of metal, such as nails, wire, nuts, screws, bolts, etc., to give you smooth woodworking.

However, it’s the ultimate warrior to save your joiner, planers, blades, and other expensive machinery. It was specially designed to detect small metal particles about two decades ago but still market dominating. It can protect your valuable tools by detecting objects quickly.

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It’s the best hand held metal detector for woodworkers on my list so far. The best feature I’ve noticed that it can detect exact objects accurately. You’ll find this nail detector across the globe for its outstanding service and good customer reputation.

In addition, it’s able to reach the maximum deep of the wood and can scan with an accurate result.


  • It can detect small objects.
  • Ultimate Deep scanning ability.
  • Detect exact metal location.
  • This Metal detector for wood is used all over the world.
  • It’s priced under 130 dollars.


  • None!

3. Little Wizard II Review: Best Nail Finder Metal Detector

Little Wizard II Review

When it comes to the woodworking metal detector reviews, Wizard always takes the first position. If you’re looking for the best metal detector for the money, the Little Wizard II is a considerable tool to check. The Wizard company is located in Michigan, and they’re committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction, as mentioned earlier. You can get back to them quickly if you occur any problem with tools.

However, this Handheld Metal Detector For Woodworkers always provides exact and accurate metal detection. The LED light helps the user to mark the pinpoint. This device is a perfect tool to have on your woodworking gadget list if you’re passionate about old lumber.

In addition, it doesn’t have a battery, but you need to buy a 9-volt battery separately. The Wizard recommends using a non-lithium Duracell battery.

Despite the low price, it can easily locate screws, wire, pellets, and nails preciously.

Furthermore, you’re requested to use this before dealing with sawing, sanding, planning, and routing.

The downward of this item is that you can’t hunt gold, use in heavy-duty, security stuff with it.


  • It’s a Budget-friendly nail detector.
  • A unique detection strength system.
  • It can instantly locate metal inside the wood.
  • Best Portable woodworking Metal Detector.
  • Good value for the money.
  • It’s small in size.


  • There is a problem with adjusting.

4. Garrett metal detector review: Garrett 1165190

Garrett Metal Detector Review

Basically, Garrett produces metal detectors for the toughest, roughest users in mind. You can be seen their products everywhere, from the airport to the woodworking. It’s not just they’re famous, but they produce the best quality metal detectors for delivering the high-performance job.

However, Garrett 1165190 is the best handheld metal detector that is comfortable to maneuver.

For your information, it’s advisable to move the wand to get accurate performance as it comes with a built-in motion sensor technology. Despite this, other things can also affect the perfect delivering performance, such as wood density, battery power, wood moisture, etc.

Moreover, it can scan metal up to 6 inches deep wood, which is tested by a woodworker.


  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Provides 100% Accuracy.
  • Perfect For beginners.
  • Great Build quality.


  • It was designed for general uses, but you can use in woodworking or DIY project.
  • No Charger included.

5. Hanchen: Best hand held metal detector for wood.

Best Hand Held Metal Detector For Wood

Hanchen Hand-held Nails finder is the last candidate on this list. If you think that you’re going to use this tool for multi-purpose, then it’s must-have equipment to have in your woodworking gearbox. Surprisingly it offers lower prices compared to its immediate competitors. You’ll get this unique designed wood metal detector just for three-quarter of hundred dollars.

Let’s discuss why its best:

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It’s an extremely adjustable high-sensitivity woodworking metal detector that allows users to get notified by multiple alarming. First of all, it makes a sound when it detects any metal; secondly, it automatically turns on the light; finally, it vibrates.

What’s about the battery? Well, it comes with a 9-volt heavy-duty rechargeable battery. Don’t worry about the charger; it offers too.

I’ve mentioned above that some metal detectors stop working with a low battery except this one. It will give you accurate data under a low battery capacity.

What’s about the external body? It’s made of the finest materials with ABS engineering. You can use this tool everywhere as it’s strong, easy to durable, and high resistance capability.

It offers one year warranty to everyone that usually its competitors don’t do.


  • Simple to use.
  • Valuable to have.
  • Competitive tool.
  • Durable.
  • Best Affordable woodworking metal detector.


  • None!

Woodworking metal detector buying guide

There are several things to look for before purchasing a metal detector. Firstly, Are they portable and lightweight? If your answer is yes, then you may consider buying that tool.

Secondly, do they detect tiny to big metal in the thick wood? If your answer is no, then find some other tools that can accurately detect any kind of object. You’ve already known that a wood metal detector means a tool that can find any metal object in the wood, so it’s the primary requirement to have in a device.

Thirdly, is it easy to operate? I’m expecting your answer is yes because almost every detector always comes with a handy operating system.

In fact, there are also some common features to look at while purchasing a perfect tool, such as speakers, battery, microprocessor, LED light, charger, etc.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do metal detectors work through the wood?

Yes, absolutely they do. Even some companies only design and manufacture woodworking metal detectors. But don’t mess this detector with regular metal detectors. You can do your job, but they won’t give you an accurate result.

How do you find hidden nails in wood?

There are a few ways to find out nails in the wood, but the most effective way is using a wood metal finder. You may try magnets to detect metal, but they’re not quite effective as the first one. The least useful method is your eyes. You can easily spot the big metal, but hidden nails couldn’t find without tools. So, I recommend you to use this woodworking gadget.

How do you remove deep nails from wood?

You can pull nails from deep wood by using several tools such as a nail puller, end cut nail remover, etc. I recommend you check it out on YouTube before dealing with the expensive or old wood you don’t want to damage.

Final verdict

If you want to have a smooth woodworking metal detector, you must go through our top-rated five tools list. They were not picked randomly but accurately. All of them can detect any kind of metal preciously.

Despite all detectors, the Lumber Wizard 4.2 is my first choice. You’ll not regret it if you buy this tool.

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