Are Ikea Cabinets The Cheapest

Are Ikea Cabinets The Cheapest? Yes Or No?

When it comes to choosing cabinets for your kitchen, either for any renovation project or your newly constructed home, the common choice usually boils down to Home Depot and IKEA. So you need to do some research work before making a sound decision about cabinets as they constitute a big expense for your house.

Pricing is a big factor to consider. There is stock full of Hampton Bay at Home Depot, which is similar in pricing to IKEA cabinets. If you want to furnish a small space, you tend to opt for high-end models of IKEA. As per many home experts, pricing at Home Depot will vary between $20000 and $25000 (inclusive of installation charges). However, when it comes to IKEA, the price is between $10000-$15000 without including flooring and installation charges.

Are Ikea cabinets the cheapest? Yes, IKEA cabinets are the cheapest. If you want a high-quality cabinet option within a low-price range, you should go for IKEA cabinets. They help you save your money and get decent options for designs and finishes within the price range.

The cabinets at Home Depot will range between $100 and $3000 as custom cabinets are expensive. However, IKEA cabinets are cheaper and range between $75-$1600, and the common options range between $200-$300. The next factor to consider while renovating your house is quality. IKEA cabinets are really good for the kitchen where lots of activities take place and they have high built-in quality; as a result, they can also tolerate abuse from the children.

When handling roughhousing, Home Depot cabinets aren’t doing great. The parts are also stapled together, so if you try to repair or fix it with little experience, you’ll get to see MDF splinters everywhere. Their look isn’t so great when they come, and you often need to do additional work. So if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for IKEA, which is relatively cheaper than Home Depot and offers a lot more quality.

What Do People Say About Ikea Cabinets?

People love buying IKEA cabinets as they can easily customize the cabinets’ design, style, layout, and storage options. There are several storage styles, so if you are looking for a specific storage solution, you’ll easily find them in IKEA.

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One more thing that most individuals have noted is that several companies specialize in making custom doors that fit on the IKEA cabinets. Therefore, if you don’t get the style of door you want, you can work with those companies to get the type of door front that fits your style.

According to most people, IKEA has various cabinetry styles that differ in quality. For instance, Kungsbacka doors are excellent doors made of recycled materials, and this also makes IKEA an eco-friendly company. The materials used are quite durable and robust. There is a wide range of hardware like hardware slides and hinges available at IKEA with the highest quality.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Ikea Cabinets

Pros Of Buying Ikea Cabinets

Structurally Strong

IKEA cabinets are known for being structurally strong. They are well-thought-out products that are designed in such a way that they can easily withstand any wear and tear.

Standard And Soft-Close Doors And Drawers

IKEA cabinet system consists of soft-close and standard drawers. Other stores charge high prices for upgrades like standard soft close doors and drawers, but IKEA cabinets aren’t much expensive.

Great Warranty

The best benefit of IKEA cabinets is that the products come with a rock-solid warranty of 25 years on your purchase. This is proof of the solid manufacturing of the cabinets. Also, the finish on IKEA cabinets, such as Bodbyn cabinets, is way better than the finish you’ll get in any box store style expensive cabinets.

Replacement Parts Are Easy To Find 

IKEA cabinets are known for their durability and ease of getting replacement parts. This modular system facilitates easy replacement of base cabinets, door fronts, drawer sliders, etc.

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Cons Of Buying Ikea Cabinets

Cabinet Interiors Are White

As there are several pros of IKEA Sektion cabinets, you’ll also get some cons. One drawback of the IKEA Sektion system is that the base cabinets have white interiors. Even though you choose grey, green, wood look, and white doors, the interior of the base cabinet will always be white. It seems unfinished to many.

Peg Holes Are Pre-Drilled 

Buyers are also dissatisfied with pre-drilled peg holes in IKEA Sektion cabinets. Although IKEA also sells hole plugs for the cabinets, you can fill the hole with caulk to get a finished look.

Lack Of Timely Delivery As Well As Customer Service

The greatest drawback of the IKEA Sektion cabinet system is that it takes a lot of time to get the system to your home. At least 3-8 hours will be spent at IKEA to finalize your order and get help. The delivery companies relied on by IKEA aren’t so great as they delay the delivery and change the scheduled date at short notice.

Rare Help For Good Installation

IKEA Sektion cabinets require installation, which is different from that of traditional cabinet building, and so you need to hire someone who specializes in IKEA Cabinet Installation. It takes a long time to install it.

Should You Buy Cabinets In Ikea?

If getting affordable cabinet handles, panels for fridge or dishwasher, slow close drawers, and drawer pulls are your priority, then go for IKEA cabinets. They offer much more than just durable cabinets. You’ll get a good collection of decent appliances as well.

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You get the suggestions of people in the IKEA store who can assist you in designing your kitchen as well without charging you anything. The experts point out a handful of things that you’ve missed and verify your plan.


With IKEA, you get options for personalizing a space. IKEA has mastered the artwork and craft, so you don’t need to struggle hard with cabinet components when buying IKEA cabinets. With IKEA, you don’t have to compromise on your home’s aesthetics. The IKEA cabinets are modular and extremely affordable due to mass production operation. They have custom cabinets to fit your space easily. There are infinite benefits of this modular system.