Are Home Gym Machines Worth It

Are Home Gym Machines Worth It? Honest Opinion!

The presence of home gym machines plays a significant role in today’s world. It helps ensure that a person can get the required and desired level of workout and training within their homes. In other words, a person does not need to leave their house to get an appropriate level of exercise. It is entirely unlike the conventional methods used before. 

Are Home Gym Machines Worth It? Yes, home gym machines are worth it. With the irreversible state of the pandemic, it is becoming arduous for people to leave their houses and get some exercise. Home gym machines help you get the exercise at home.

The various benefits of having home gym machines consist of the following:

Customized Workout Regimen and Routine

Having exercise machines at home implies that anyone can work out according to their personalized methods and routine. They do not need to follow the strict rules and regulations and adhere to the sometimes disadvantageous instructions of their coaches to supervisors. In turn, it aids in saving a significant amount of effort and time that could otherwise have gone behind unnecessary aspects and elements. 

The customized workout routine comes in handy in another way. Suppose an individual cannot find time to exercise during their specified time of the day due to some prior engagement. In that case, they can shift it to some other period according to their convenience. It helps ensure not a single day gets missed. 

Saves Time and Money

Home gym machines eliminate the hassle of commuting to and fro the gym. It helps save a substantial amount of time. In addition, an individual does not need to deal with the tedious task of unpacking and packing their gym bags every day if they work out at home. Furthermore, they do not need to wait in the cases where the machines remain occupied. 

On top of that, home gym machines serve as a one-time investment. Thus, an individual does not need to pay more than once to use the equipment. It is unlike the case with gyms, where membership and subscription fees remain associated. 

Perfect Environment

Home gym exercises allow an individual to work out from the comfort of their home. They do not need to worry about looking awkward and inexperienced in such an environment. In addition to that, no prying or judging eyes remain present in these circumstances. For that reason, they can exercise comfortably and with no worries. 

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The perfect environment allows people to choose their unique exercise clothes, sequences, and routines. Furthermore, they do not have to be conscious of their movements or body shape. That is why we can say that all unnecessary interruptions and elements remain absent. 

On top of that, an individual can set the room temperature according to their preferences. Hence, they do not have to worry about feeling too cold or hot. Moreover, they can play any music they like to keep themselves motivated. 

Added Motivation

Home gym machines can provide an individual with added motivation in several ways. One instance can be that it allows family members to join in and work out together. The sense of challenge, competition, or company can inspire anyone to concentrate on their training and not skip it. 

Furthermore, more family members can look after each other to prevent accidents or muscle injuries. This approach also eliminates the need to keep small children in childcare centers for the entire duration or period of the exercise. 

What is the Different Type of Gym Machines You Need At Home?

Several types and kinds of home gym machines remain available in the market. A few of the categories that an individual must have consist of the following:

  • Horizontal Seated Leg Press

A horizontal seated leg press machine can come into use for building the muscles of the glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. 

An individual can develop their body flawlessly using the equipment. It is possible if they perform the appropriate exercises. The workouts generally consist of squats and other movements that target the lower body. 

  • Lat Pulldown

The lat pulldown targets the shoulder and back muscles, primarily the latissimus dorsi. An individual can perform pull-ups and various stretching exercises using this machine. In addition to that, they can develop the entirety of their posterior chain.

  • Cable Biceps Bar

As the name suggests, cable bicep bars help build and develop the muscles of the biceps. They serve as a suitable replacement or alternative for dumbbells and allow for varied movements. The best way to use it is to slowly raise and lower it under the resistance of the cable. 

  • Chest Press
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A chest press machine can work on the triceps, chest, and biceps. It operates similarly to push-up equipment. Overall, a chest press can get used for effortless exercises or complex and strenuous ones. 

  • Hanging Leg Raise

A hanging leg raise targets the hip flexors and the core muscles. It has an uncomplicated and effortless operation and works perfectly to help build the abdominal muscles. On top of that, the machine is suitable for all ages. 

  • Rowing Machine

A rowing machine works by mimicking the rowing action done by ancient ships and boats. It helps build the muscles of the entire body, especially the posterior area. Hence, the lower and upper bodies get covered using a single piece of equipment. In addition to that, the exercises that can get done using this machine increase cardio endurance and strength. 

Can You Build Your Muscle With a Home Gym Machine?

It is possible to get an aesthetically beautiful and healthy body using home gym machines. An individual can develop the same amount or degree of muscles in the gym as they can at home if they have these pieces of equipment. However, it is the case solely when the person performs the required exercises correctly.

In other words, an individual must not get hurt when working out at home using the home gym machines. It is exceedingly essential to ensure so because a person’s house lacks the required level or extent of supervision or guidance. Thus, an individual can exercise according to their preference.

In other cases, they may train beyond their limit. It may be due to some reason or the other. Hence, an injury is highly probable under these conditions. 

Although it is possible to build muscles using home gym machines, they cannot reach the level of professional bodybuilders. An individual needs to follow a strict diet and take protein supplements to achieve that.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Home Gym Machines?

The overall cost of having home gym machines vary with the equipment number. Furthermore, the type and quality play a role.

Suppose a person chooses several high-end and top-class home gym machines. In that case, the expenses would be higher. It can range from around 11-12 lakhs in INR. However, the price can get lowered to 4-5 lakhs INR if the machines are from moderate brands and have mid-class features.

Nevertheless, home gym machines are an exceptionally suitable purchase irrespective of the price. They serve as a one-time investment that can get used for years into the future. In addition to that, almost no money is necessary for their upkeep or maintenance.

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Disadvantages of Home Gym

Although a home gym provides numerous benefits, it has its fair share of disadvantages. A few cons associated with it consist of the following:

  • No Supervision

Unlike gyms, no supervisor remains present when a person uses their home gym. It implies that even if the latter performs an exercise incorrectly, no one is there to rectify it. For that reason, the person may not get the desired results and make no progress because of their flawed approach. 

On top of that, the erroneous exercising method may result in severe injuries such as ligament or muscle stretches or tears. In the worst case, a person may even up with permanent damage to their body.

  • Limited Space

Home gym machines need a specific amount of space to get placed irrespective of whether they remain in use. Thus, an individual needs to set aside a particular area to keep them. However, it becomes arduous if they do not have much spare place initially. Then, it may lead them to a tedious situation. 

The limited space at home also proves disadvantageous when the home gym machine requires a person to stretch significantly. In such cases, the chances of hitting their arms or legs on the wall while exercising arise. 

  • Distractions

Distractions are one of the most dangerous elements of an exercise regimen or routine. It can get owed to the lack of motivation they provide. A home consists of several disruptions and diversions that can prevent an individual from working out there. It can consist of cozy and appealing places or things like the bed, fridge, mobile phone, etc.

For that reason, an individual may not get the appropriate amount of exercise required when using their home gym. 

Final Verdict

Home gym machines serve as an investment for numerous people. Although they have their disadvantages, it is possible to overcome them using specific means. Thus, if an individual wish to get a ripped and well-built body from the comfort of their home, home gym machines are the way to go.