Are Empty Rooms Colder

Are Empty Rooms Colder? Yes Or No?

We all want to make our rooms cold, especially when it is summer, where the sun is very hot and even though you are just sitting, you are sweating. I love making my room cold because I can work efficiently when I am in a cold room. I am not sweating, which means I can focus more properly. However, for some people, cold rooms make them sleepy, which is why most of us like cold rooms because of this reason too. 

There is one thing I have read on the internet. They say that empty rooms are colder than rooms with lots of furniture inside it. That is why some of them remove things from their room because they think this is true. Is it? Many people ask if having an empty room makes their room colder, which we will talk about today. So, is it true that empty rooms are colder? Is this a fact or not? Let us find out!

Are empty rooms colder? Yes! Empty rooms are indeed cooler. A room’s temperature is affected by thermal inertia. A full room that has a lot of heat stored in the furniture that is in it. If it was ever warm, it would feel warm for a while between heat being applied. An empty room will cool off much faster, and therefore feel cooler most of the time compared to rooms that have furniture. 

Today, we will talk about empty rooms and why empty rooms are colder when compared to rooms that have lots of furniture inside. I know that you are upset, knowing that you have to remove some of your furniture inside your room to make it colder. However, there are other tips that you can use to make your room colder. If you are ready to know that, keep reading!

Why Is An Empty Room So Cold?

The reason why an empty room is so cold is not because of space but because of thermal inertia. A room that has lots of furniture is hotter because the heat is stored in the furniture. 

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An empty room will cool off much faster, and therefore feel cooler most of the time. When there is no furniture inside a room, the air gets warmer rapidly but also gets cold quickly. 

So, if you like your room to feel cold and not hot, I suggest you remove some of the furniture inside your room. Less furniture means less heat stored inside the furniture, which affects the room. 

Why Is My Room Cold Compared To The Rest Of The House?

The first thing you must do if other rooms are cold while other rooms of the house are hot is to check your vents. You might have heavy furniture that covers your vents, absorbing all the heat. This is the common reason why one room in a house is always cold. 

To solve this, you must move the items away from your vents, allowing an unobstructed flow of warm or cool air. Check also the window of your house if it is closed. If it is closed, no air will flow inside your house, making that specific room of your house hot. 

What Makes A Room So Cold?

There are many reasons why a room is colder than normal. Here, let me list down the possible reasons. 

Check your heating vents. If the furniture covers the vent, move the furnishing away and if necessary, rearrange the room to accommodate this change. 

You can also clean your return air vents. The passage of the heat could be obstructed by dust and gunk in the air vents. 

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The last thing you should check is your wall. Test the temperatures of your walls. If one wall of your house is far colder than the others during winter, the problem is degraded insulation. You could purchase new insulation and have the wall cavities re-stuffed. However, you have to remove the interior plasterboard to complete this. 

How To Make Your Room So Cold?

If your room seems to be hotter than normal and you want it to be cold, especially if it is summer, you must do the following. 

First, check if there is a lot of furniture inside your room. If there are many pieces of furniture already, remove one or two. The reason why is because the heat is stored in the furniture. If you have a lot of furniture, it means that a lot of heat is stored inside. 

Second, check if the window of your room is open. If the window of your room is closed, then there will be no air from outside that will come inside your room. 

Third, close your curtains. If it is very sunny, then it is better to close your curtains to avoid the sun entering your room. If it is summer, it is better that you have an electric fan or aircon with you to avoid heat stroke.

Final Words

Empty rooms are indeed colder when compared to rooms that have lots of furniture. The reason why is because the furniture absorbs the heat. This heat remains in your furniture, and when rooms get cold at night, the temperature gradient is now from the furniture to the air. So it means, furniture helps the room stay warm by liberating that stored heat in the air.