Reasons Your Home Still Looks Dirty

8 Reasons Your Home Still Looks Dirty! The Truth!

The cleanliness of our house is our first priority. Right? The reason why most of us give this as our first priority is because if our house is not clean, there are diseases that we might get or we will not feel comfortable living inside our house. 

Sometimes, my house is not always organized. However, one thing I am sure of is that my house is always clean, especially my bedroom. I have a routine that I do every week. For example on monday I have to clean our terrace, tuesday our sala, and so on. 

However, even though we think we clean our house properly, sometimes it still appears to be dirty. So maybe you are doing something wrong! So, why does your home still look dirty?

Let me give you the 8 reasons why your home still looks dirty even after you have scrubbed and cleaned your house properly. 

You Have Many Stuffs

Do you have a lot of stuff inside your house? Do you have to put piles of things in your bedroom just to lie down? Or do you have to clear your dining table just to be able to eat?

If this is the situation, then it means that you have too much stuff. Take a look around your house and see if there are any things that you don’t need and start selling or throw them away. 

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Remember this, the less stuff you have inside your house, the cleaner your house will appear. 

Your Light Switch Are Old

The other reason why your home still looks dirty is because your light switch or outlet is old. 

Outlet covers that do not require any rewiring. These babies fit right over the old existing outlet to give everything a clean and cohesive look. 

You can also cover your light switches by buying some in the store. By doing this, you don’t need an electrician or having to rewire everything. 

You Have Dirty Or Unfinished Laundry

Sometimes we feel like we already did all the laundry. However, sometimes, we miss some of our dirty clothes. 

Laundry baskets that are sitting inside your house makes your house look dirty even if the clothes are already clean. 

It is better to have 1-2 days of laundry time in a week so that you don’t have to go to your laundry room every time. 

You Have Too Many Blankets And Pillows

If you have enough blankets and pillows, then it is time to put away the extra ones. 

Your house will look dirty if you have scattered blankets and pillows all over your house. Taking a few seconds to fold blankets and straighten your pillows will instantly make your house look cleaner. 

Paper, Paper, Paper

Paper will ruin your clean house. Paper is everywhere! It is reasonable because we need paper most of the time. We need paper for work, school, and hobbies. It is better to keep your papers organized and throw away some of the used ones that are not important. 

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Splotchy Bottles

It makes me mad when the hand soap or dish soap bottle have soap and water splattered on them. It can make the cleanest sink area still look dirty. 

Give your bottles and spouts a quick wipe down and everything will look nice and clean. 

Nail Holes On Your Walls

The next thing that makes your home still look dirty is the nail holes on your walls. These unsightly little holes can sabotage the cleanest of homes. 

I usually rearrange my wall hangings and wall decor from time to time but can’t stand the look of a hole left where a nail used to be. 

I would change my wall decor to prevent having to deal with holes on my walls or hang things in order to cover the ugly hole on my walls. 

Dirty Light Covers

Even with regular vacuuming and dusting, the glass light covers and globes can still look dirty. 

Once a year, I take all the light covers down and give them a soapy bath. They look sparkling clean and the whole house looks brighter and cleaner.