10 Shower Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

10 Shower Cleaning Hacks You Should Know!

All houses have showers or bathrooms. We use it on a daily basis because we need to scrub off our body to remove the dirt and bacteria we accumulated on our body, especially when we go out. 

However, if our shower is not clean, then we will have a bad experience using our shower and we will not enjoy showering in our bathroom, especially if there is a stinky smell. 

So, here I am today listing down the 10 shower cleaning hacks that everyone of you should know about! After reading this, apply this to your shower and I assure you that your shower will be cleaner than you expected. Let’s get it going!

1. Use Dawn Dish Soap To Scrub Bathtub And Shower Walls

First shower cleaning hack, use dawn dish soap to scrub bathtub and shower walls. 

I love using dawn dishes because dawn dishes are great for cleaning purposes, not just for dishes but a lot of other things and surfaces too. 

To clean your shower with dawn dish soap, just squeeze a few drops of dawn dish soap on a cloth. After that, scrub the cloth all over the shower. 

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Make sure that you scrub in between the shower tiles and also to clean the tub, spout, and showerhead as well. 

2. Borax Is Good At Removing Dirt, Marks And Soap Scum

If you want to remove soap scum, dirt, and grime from inside your shower with borax, all you need to do is to follow my instructions below. 

Sprinkle borax inside your shower tub and use a brush to scrub all over. Don’t forget to sprinkle water inside the tub before putting the borax. This will make the borax wet and moist. After scrubbing with borax, rinse the tub with a lot of water. 

3. Spraying Lysol Will Make Your Shower Smell Nice

Spraying Lysol on your shower to make it smell nice works! I guarantee this to you! What you need is only a bottle of Lysol surface cleaner and a cloth. Pour some Lysol on the cloth and rub it. 

Make sure that the cloth is damp after pouring the Lysol on it. Avoid pouring too much because you don’t want to finish it. After doing this, use the cloth to wipe all over your shower area. 

4. Baking Soda Will Destroy Soap Scum

If you want to remove soap scum, baking soda can be used. You just need to dop the following. First, sprinkle a lot of baking soda on the shower floor or your bathtub. After that, get a cleaning brush and scrub the floor. 

If the soap scum is on the shower, walls, or tiles, just sprinkle some baking soda on a damp cloth and use it to wipe the walls. After that, don’t forget to rinse the wall and floor with water. This will remove all the soap scum that was in your shower. 

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5. Using Vinegar And Warm Water Will Deep Clean Your Shower

If you want to deep clean your shower the right way, just follow this. First, get a half buck of warm water and pour 1 and half cups of vinegar on it. 

Get a cleaning cloth after, dip it into the bucket and use the cloth to wipe everywhere in the shower. After doing this, rinse the shower with a lot of water. 

6. Clean Your Showerhead With A Damp Cloth

This shower cleaning hack is easy to do. All you need is warm water on a cloth and use it to clean your shower head. Simple. Right?

7. Use A Brush To Clean In Between The Shower Tiles

If you are having problems or don’t know how to clean the grime in between your shower tiles, just do the following. 

All you need to do is get a cleaning brush and squeeze 2-4 drops of dish soap on the brush. Use the brush to clean in between the shower tiles. You can also use diluted bleach as well.

8. You Can Shine Your Faucets With Baby Oil

Next, you can shine your faucets with baby oil. If your chrome faucet or sink handles are looking uninteresting, you can use baby oil. 

Use a few drops of baby oil on a microfiber cloth to buff them back to their original shine. Make sure to add this to your weekly cleaning checklist to keep fingerprints, water spots, and smudges at bay. 

9. Unclog Drains On Your Bathtub With Baking Soda

Besides removing stains on your bathtub, baking soda can also be used to unclog the shower drain. 

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Sprinkle the gritty kitchen staple down your drain followed by hot water to help loosen up any grime, hair, and other gunk that’s hiding there. 

10. Polish Your Bathtub With Bar Keepers Friend

This is one of my favorite bathroom tub cleaning hacks. Using a Bar Keepers Friend. The commercial says that this is best known for sanitizing and polishing kitchen counters. However, it can also work for your bathtub. 

Before beginning, run shower to wet down the surfaces. After that, sprinkle the powder to coat stubborn stains and mildew. Using a dish scrubber or sponge, rub the product in and watch it restore your tub. After that, pour some water again to wash away the grime and suds. 


These are the 10 shower cleaning hacks that you should know right now! Now that you know these shower cleaning hacks, you should apply it to your bathroom and I assure you will see some changes in your bathroom. Goodluck!